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Bearded dragon beard puffing

Among the animal stories, we saw that “Bearded dragon beard puffing.” What is this incident? We are ready to discuss it briefly. Who are these? Usually, bearded dragons are types of lizards. They are extremely popular pet because of their friendly and pretty skills. They have unique appearance and Australia is their native place. Actually, we can identify them as social animals.

However according to the research, we can find there are unique characteristics from them. Most of the pet owners are train bearded dragons for interact with them. Then they will live without any discomfort. When pet owners are identified the behaviors of bearded dragons, it will make comfortable living life both of them. So, this is the chance to be aware about the puffing beard. Keep reading with us.

Why does bearded dragon beard puffing?

According to the details on “Bearded dragon beard puffing” we should find out the reason for this habit of bearded dragons. The main reason for this is, keep regular level of their body temperature. Sometimes they will face too hot weather conditions. Then they may need to control their body temperature while puffing up their beard. From that method, they expect to take a help dissipate excess heat.

As well as in that case they are also doing that as a defensive display method. Further when they have some discomfort, stressed, or threatened, they will puff out their beard. As a safety method, they are doing this for other. This is actually a sign of a warning and it is prepared to defense when they necessary. They are using this while communicating their warning to others. At this moment they are also opened the mouth and hiss.

What are the other reasons for puffing beard and belly?

It may be their bath time. They are puffing their beard and belly as a response for bath time. They are trying to go for a deep bath while enjoying. As well as because of the getting prepared to shed, they will show this habit. When they have loosened skin on their neck and other nearing areas, they are making this process. Additionally if they are attracting the opposite gender and feeling happy, they will show this.

Is it dangerous that beard puffing of beard dragons?

We can note here, Bearded dragon beard puffing is not a dangerous one. But sometimes it will give you a sign about their stress or any other aggression. Because of this reason, when they are doing it, you should pay attention for them. Furthermore, we can mention here, sometimes you will see they are doing this often. Then you should understand that it may be a immediate sign about they are suffering with some uncomfortable incident.

What should you do when bearded dragon beard puffing?

According to the above explanations, you may know what are the reasons for beard puffing by bearded dragons. So now we have a responsibility to take the risk to reduce this habit. So, what can you do?

1] Identify their behavior

As the first thing, you must observe and identify their behavior. After that you should find out the basic reason for this behavior. After that it is easy to get the decisions to reduce the risk. Sometimes it may be a sign of someone or something. Additionally, it may be a specific thing of their life. Further it is very important to consider that what is the time of day they are doing that? When you have answers for all these questions, you are ready to solve it.

2] consider the weather

Your second step should be, check the environment and consider the weather condition. In the above we noted that, bearded dragons are puffing up their beard because of the temperature. In that case you should make sure; the temperature is well suited for their living style. And consider that, they enclosure is large enough or is it appropriate for the humidity level.

When they are climbing, they should provide enough hiding spots also. When they do not have these things, it is time to get the decisions. Not only these things but here you may have another important thing. You should give them the most suitable living conditions. Then they can reduce their stress and they will stop the puffing up beard.

3] Give them suitable and enough space

As another solution, we suggest you, try to give them enough space. Why do bearded dragons puff their beard? When you identify the stressed dragon as the reason for that, you should give enough and suitable space to be calm and cool down them.

4] Try to reduce stress

Above we noted some methods to reduce bearded dragon’s stress. Not only should those but you always take the decisions to reduce their stress. Bearded dragon may respond to stimulus in those times. Therefor you should try to reduce these bad situations. When your bearded dragon puffing beard in and out, it is time to decrease the risk.

Finally, what can you do?

After you try all these above methods, now you are in the final decision. Sometimes you fail to reduce this behavior using the above methods. At that moment, you should consult a veterinarian to get the advice. Either vet doctor or you can meet reptile specialist even. While bearded dragon is showing the puffing behavior often, it is great idea to get this decision. Then your doctor will give you advice and you can follow them correctly.

“Bearded dragon beard puffing” Bottom line

We are giving you there are different ways of details on “Bearded dragon beard puffing” So now you have a good knowledge about “why does bearded dragon beard puffing?” Lastly as a summary, always keep in mind that, this is not harmful response. But you must identify the reasons correctly. It is important to remember that, they do not show this behavior always. Because of this reason you should take the responsibility to reduce it for their comfortable living.

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