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Can dogs eat potted meat? Explained

So today we are going to talk about can dogs eat potted meat. There can be downsides when you feed new meat to your dog. Specially food that caned and made for humans. So in this article we are going to look at the downsides of that as well. So why potted meat so famous basically because potted meat have long shelf life. And also affordable to peoples well. But in this article we are talking about feeding potted meat to dogs is it ok to give them. For that the best answer that I can give is no you don’t want feed your dog potted meat. Mainly because potted meat contains high salt, sugar and also too much of fat. And even the some ingredients they use to keep potted meat for long time is also toxic. First of all let’s see what potted meat is easily.

So what is actually potted meat is going to give the simplest meaning I can give. Basically potted meat is one of the traditional meat preservation type. This marked by hot cooked meat. Then the put hot cooked meat in to a hot pot. Then tightly packed to exclude the air from the pot as well. And after that they add fat to it. Basically when the fat getting cooler the fat forms as a seal to the meat. That helps to prevent the spoilage of the meat. That’s why potted meat have so much shelf life. So basically potted meat made to preserve freshly slaughtered animal meat. That means potted meat not only have fat to prevent spoilage. Potted meat also contain so much salt and sugar as well. So basically what potted meat is. Now let’s see can dogs eat potted meat as usual dog food.

Can dogs eat potted meat?

So first we need know why people buy potted meat. For that I think that basically why people buy potted meat is because they are affordable. And also easy to use another thing is the shelf life of the product. You can keep potted meat more days than dog food as well. It’s good for human but in here we are talking about dogs. Is it good for dogs actually? No definitely no potted meat is not good for dogs. Potted meat doesn’t contain any nutrition’s that dogs need as well. And full of toxic ingredients if you read the ingredients you will understand that. Also there no boosting effects on potted meat to. Potted meat more like a blank no calories meat can that you can buy. Mostly we can say a can that risk our dogs health as well. We don’t need to risk our pet’s lives.

So if you want to give potted meat to your dog because he likes it. You can give a table spoon f potted meat not too much. If you think why does dogs like this when potted meat not good to them. Mainly because the scent of the potted meat.  Potted meat have strong meaty scent on it other than canned dog food. Another thing is the fat the fat makes a fatty texture on potted meat dogs like that as well. And there is a one thing that u can get use from potted meat as well. You know that it hard to give medicine to dogs. If you give medicine with canned dog food they now the food has medicine. You can use potted meat to give medicine. The scent of potted meat hide the scent of medicine. Give medicine with few potted meat table spoons.

Basic reasons why potted meat is bad for dogs

Digestive issues

So the first reason that you should not give potted meat to your dog is it can make digestive issues. You know that there is a dog food chain right or most people say food pyramids. Every single animal have that. On that there is no potted meat mark. That’s mean potted meat is not a natural food for dogs. You might think that they eat meat does it make a difference. Yes it is potted meat is fully cooked meat. Dogs only eat raw meat or minimally processed meat only. By eating potted meat your dogs can get bad stomach. So that’s the first reason that why you should not feed your dog potted meat.

The salt

So early in the beginning I said that potted meat has too much salt in it. Actually potted meat is canned meat that heavily salted. I mean the amount off salt is ok to human but it’s too much for dogs. Dogs only need little bit salt on their body basically in a day. But the amount of Potted meat is literally too much for them. It’s like 10x higher than the basic salt need of a dog as well. So what overeating salt will do to your dog. Basically big amount of salt will dehydrate your dog’s body. That can lead your dog to have kidney issues as well. Sometimes it can be severe cases as well mainly because dogs have less body than humans. Mostly overeating salt also will cause salt poisoning as well. That literally can be life threatening to you dog.

So don’t let you dog eat potted meat only a table spoon enough for few days.

The sugar level

I said that potted meat have lot salt in it as the salt potted meat also have sugar. Basically a lot of sugar to keep the spoilage down. Actually dogs don’t need sugar in their life especially big amount of salt. Sugar only used as a boost for dogs and it only give to dogs when it wanted. So daily giving sugar to your dog is bad. Actually the amount that in the potted meat is too much for dogs. It can lead your dog to have shot term issues in their body. Or they can get over active that can harm dog’s body process as well. So basically I’m trying to say that you don’t need to give potted meat to dogs as a usual meal. Give your dog canned food or raw meat that’s the best nutritious things that you can give.

So can dogs eat potted meat answer is NO keep that on your mind. When it comes to dog food healthy options must come first. So I’m going to end the article right here we talked about can dogs eat potted meat. I hope that you enjoyed the article see you soon bye.

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