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Consideration before choosing fishes

Consideration before choosing fishes. Leave enough space. It is very important to avoid overfilling the tank. A general rule of thumb is that you should leave room for a gallon of water for every inch of fish in your tank. So a ten-gallon fish tank can safely hold fish ten inches long. Keep this very important rule in mind if you are caring for a school of fish. Too many tanks can cause toxic waste to build up. It also needs extra cleaning. Some larger species, such as adult goldfish, will require additional tank space. Fish that move frequently may also need extra space.

Considerations Before Fish Selection: Choose Cold or Warm Water Fish

You should choose fish that thrive in the same temperature. You can accommodate a few degrees of difference in preferred temperature or your fish will suffer. Tropical fish usually cannot live comfortably next to cold water fish. Your tank equipment needs will also vary greatly, with some fish requiring heaters and lights and some not.

For example, white cloud minnow is a cold-water fish that requires constant temperatures between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (22 and 28 degrees Celsius) to thrive. Discus fish, on the other hand, need a warm tank that is kept between 80 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). If your tank is at the wrong temperature, your fish may be more likely to get sick. They may also move more slowly and refuse to eat.

Choose fish with similar pH requirements

Make sure the pH range of the fish you buy is in the same range. Many fish you buy straight from the store are adapted to a neutral pH, but they will do better at a pH that is tailored for them. For example, tropical African cichlids do best in alkaline water. Most freshwater fish prefer a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. Don’t forget to consider the pH needs of the live plants you will be adding to your tank. For example, many freshwater plants require a pH between 6.0 and 7.5, which is a fairly wide range that can meet the needs of a variety of fish.

Considerations before choosing fish: choose freshwater or saltwater fish

Tank filtration needs generally differ between these two groups of fish, with tropical fish requiring less filtration and cleaning. They also have different temperature and pH requirements between them that even a skilled aquarist can’t really address. For example, goldfish cannot live with cichlids. Goldfish need cooler temperatures and fresh water. In contrast, cichlids thrive in warm temperatures and require hard or salt water conditions.

Provides plenty of hiding places

Even if you’re pretty sure the fish will get along well, it’s a good idea to create a fun aquarium environment that provides “just” space for individual fish. Some fish are generally social and friendly, but also need to be away from time to time. This will also minimize any stress associated with overcrowding. For example, gouramis are fish that like to hide. They set up a system of domination where weaker fish usually avoid stronger fish in these races.

Choose brightly colored, active fish for an eye-catching tank. Some fish, like goldfish, offer a lot of color and activity. Other fish, such as shark fish, are lighter in color but exhibit very interesting academic behaviors. Some fish are bottom feeders and like to hide during the day, such as the kuhli loach, making them nearly impossible to spot.

Considerations Before Choosing Fish: Consider Your Experience Level

Be sure to consider your comfort level in caring for the fish. If this is your first tank, you may want to choose a relatively simple mix of just one or two types of low-maintenance fish. A single species tank is especially good for fish that like to swim in school. Oscar fish are large major fish and generally do not tolerate other tank species well. They will especially try to eat smaller fish. Puffer fish are a good choice for experienced aquarists, but they also prefer their own kind. For example, Platies and GloFish are great beginner fish and love to live in community aquariums.

Fancy guppies

Another of the classic aquarium species, the guppy, has been part of the aquarium hobby for over 100 years. Today, there are many different fin varieties and colors that have been selectively bred over many generations. While an aquarium with dozens of graceful guppies can be beautiful, most people only keep a few at a time that are likely to earn their name. Their consistent swimming behavior, sociable nature and bright colors will endear them to many hobbyists. Many strains produce uniquely colored individuals that can facilitate rapid recognition of particular fish, a very important trait for “naming”. Your active swimming can consume a lot of energy. A good flake food like Aqueon Tropical Flakes can be supplemented with a small pellet like Aqueon Revitanew which contains extra fats, proteins and vitamins to help restore vitality.

Considerations Before Choosing Fish: MolliesĀ 

A member of the same genus as the guppy, mollies are another good species of pet for beginners. One of the first fish that many hobbyists got was the black mollies. Males with their sail-like dorsal fin and females giving birth to live young that are miniature versions of adults have made this species extremely popular over the years. The young are large for a viviparous and can take finely ground Aqueon Tropical Flake food immediately after hatching. Their active behavior and social activity with each other and with their humans make them remarkable. Mollies are grazers by nature and will do well on a diet of Aqueon Pro Herbivore Pellets and will also graze on Aqueon Algae Rounds.

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