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Dog stands on hind legs and waves paws

So dog stands on hind legs and waves paws. I’m animal rescuer And we have lot of dogs in our shelters. And the thing is we need to train them as well. So if you work in a shelter that’s mean you will learn to train dogs. So i know few tricks that you can teach your dog one is waving paws trick. I will teach you guys two tricks in this article so keep reading till the end. Imagine being able to teach your dog to say hello! This handy trick can help your dog break the ice with strangers, even from a distance. One of the reasons you have a dog is so you can interact with family and friends, right.

However, in reality, some dogs are uncomfortable around strangers. Your dog may be genetically predisposed to be wary of strangers on the street and guests at home. Maybe he had a bad experience with people before you adopted him. Or maybe he wasn’t socialized early enough in life. For some reason, your dog is not entitled to personal space. If he doesn’t want strangers to approach or pet him, we have to respect his feelings. When we force dogs to tolerate unwanted grooming, it can backfire.

If your dog feels cornered literally or figuratively and his warnings to people to back off are ignored, he may have no choice but to run or bite. Can you blame him. Others can interact your dog from comfortable distance. Teaching him to “wave” to say hello or goodbye is a great trick that will serve this purpose. Your guests will enjoy interacting with your dog while your dog will have a carefree time doing tricks with new friends. It’s a win-win, and it can be a small step towards a larger goal of teaching new dogs to be a source of pleasure rather than stress.

Dog stands on hind legs and waves paws – How to teach the wave

Start with your dog facing you in a seated position. Give your dog the wave gesture wave your hand side to side or royal style if you prefer. Then give your verbal paws and visual your outstretched hand cues. Identify or click yes when your dog reaches out to you, then reward him. Repeat this sequence until you get the right result.It’s time to change your verbal cues from “paws” to “waves.” To do this, there are two steps. First, ditch the verbal cues completely. Now the sequence is make a new gesture greeting, make an old gesture reach out. Notice and reward when he stretches his legs. Practice until smooth. Now add a new language flag “Wave”. First say hello, show new gesture swipe, show old gesture reach out. Notice and reward when he stretches his legs. Practice until smooth.

You’re ready to soften the old “paw” gesture. You’ll follow the same sequence as before, but remove the pen before its tabs touch your outstretched arm. This is how your dog will make undulating movements. You may need to do this in a few steps, extending your outstretched arm/leg less and less.

Gradually move away from the dog.

Eventually, you will be able to request it remotely. This means that your guests can also alert you by not approaching your dog. If you plan to use food as a reward, have guests throw the food away instead of hand-feeding it, or you can reward yourself. It may take your pup a while to reach the final stage, as this includes distance from the person who called the greeting and distraction from nearby people. The trick to a successful wave is to take your time and enjoy the workout. Having fun along the way, your dog will learn to love this trick, as will your guests.

Dog stands on hind legs and waves paws -Teach your dog to give commands

Teach your dog the “down” command before teaching him to play dead. The game of dead assumes your dog is lying. Until you’ve mastered this technique, you should be comfortable following the lie down command. You need to find a place that you and your dog love. Ideally, this area should also be quiet so your dog isn’t distracted.

Tell the dog to sit. 

If your dog doesn’t already know this command, teach him by holding the food with your hands. As he watches the snack, push his hips up until he sits up when you do this, say the word “sit” firmly. Once he sits down, reward him by bringing him a treat instead of jumping up for it. If he jumps, firmly say no. Do this several times a day for a few days until you can sit up without pushing your hips. Each exercise should last about 10-15 minutes. Continue to give him positive reinforcement every time he sits down.

Stand directly in front of the dog when he is sitting

Put a sandwich in front of his nose, but don’t let him eat it. Instead, slowly bring the treat to the floor, holding it in front of your nose. Give the verbal cue “down” when you place the treat on the floor so your dog can associate the verbal cue with the action of lying down. Your dog should already be down when you place the treat on the floor.If he gets up, keep practicing until he goes down every time you drop a treat on the floor.Reward him when he goes to bed without getting up quickly. 

Dog stands on hind legs and waves paws – Train your dog to lie down without treats. 

Place your hand in front of the dog’s nose, as if you had a treat but didn’t. Use the same hand motions as if you were putting the dog to bed. Again, reward him when he lies down confidently without getting up quickly.  Keep practicing until your dog can lie down on command. You should practice this command with your dog every day for at least a few days. Each exercise should last about 10-15 minutes. If you want to challenge your dog, you can gradually decrease visual cues until he learns to lie down only in response to your verbal cues.

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