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My rabbit is not eating what should I do

My rabbit is not eating, what should I do? This will be a bad situation when you have a pet rabbit. So, we are ready to give you some solutions here. Usually rabbit is a cute pet who can live with us. We can see there are various types of cute habits from rabbits. Furthermore they are playful pets and they are like play with their owners. As well as we can see their own eating methods and they have unique diets.

However sometimes, you may see your rabbit is not eating with some reasons. As well as you may see, your rabbit ever stop eating. In those times what can you do? Sometimes this situation may be bad thing because it will happen with their health issues. Because of that reason you have a risk to care this. Not only that but also you have a huge responsibility to reduce this situation. keep reading and be aware.

My rabbit is not eating, what should I do?

Someone says, “my rabbit is not eating and why is my rabbit not eating?” In that case we should have full knowledge. We think first, you have a task to find out the reason when your rabbit is not eating usually. Then you can treat directly. According to that points of views we hope to note the reasons for rabbit is not eating follow. So, before it we give you some suggestions “what should you do?”

As the first thing you can take your rabbit to a rabbit savvy vet. Then you can decide the reason for that. As well as doctor will give you advices within treating methods. So, it is time to follow them. Sometimes your rabbit will feel suffering more. In those time they may need fluids. Not only that but also even a dental operation may be necessary.

While considering the treating methods for rabbits we can mention here, feeding a recovery diet from a syringe because it will be very important. In that case sometimes they should follow the dieting methods. When this time they cannot work hard sometimes. Whether it is a hard task they should follow them well in the recovering period. Further we suggest you, give them tasty milk thistle and herbs until they are voluntarily eating. These are the good treating methods.

Why is your rabbit not eating?

When you read above details you can follow the treating methods when your rabbit is not eating. Further above, we noted that, we should find out the reasons for this situation. Now our effort is for this. What are the reason for rabbit is not eating?

What can make a rabbit stop eating?

Dental issues

This is a common issue among the rabbits. Overgrown teeth are the main cause here. In these times, rabbits will avoid eating. Here actually they are avoiding eating more difficult foods such as heavy hay. They will instead only eat the pellets you give them. However, you can identify this issue from looking at the eating methods and their mouth. When you see some difficulties, it will mean rabbit have some disorders.


Another reason is, stress because when rabbit is feeling stress, it will reject diet. Actually, we can name stress as the most common reason for a temporary lack of appetite in rabbits. Not only this sign but also you can see their poops get temporarily smaller during they are feeling stress. So, when you see these signs from your rabbit, you should take decisions to reduce their tress. You should create a calm and happy environment to feel happy and safe.

Differences of diet

My rabbit is not eating, what should I do? You can check their diet plan in that time. Then you can identify the reason and take thesolution to reduce their issues. When you change their diet plan, it can also cause them to lose their appetite. Sometimes rabbit will not eat new foods because they do not have habit for them. Therefore it is good, when you need to change their diet plan, you should do it slowly over a few weeks in order to avoid causing a disruption.

What is the GI stasis?

GI stasis is also a reason for your rabbit is not eating. This is the most common reason a rabbit will not eat gradually. It is a situation that the condition where rabbit’s digestion tract slows down and it eventually stops. In this time, they may have difficulties to eat. Actually, we can identify this, as a illness. It can be a symptom of many other illnesses.

So when you see these symptoms, you should take rabbit for a vet. Then the doctor gives solutions and medicines to reduce this issue. Not only get treatments but also it is very important the underlying cause to prevent it from happening again.

What should you do when rabbit is not eating hay?

Usually hay is the most important diet of rabbit. Because of that reason rabbit owners are looking to eat hay so much. But when they stop eating hay what should you do? In that case you can mix different types of hay and always select the fresh and tasty hay for them. You can order hay from the most common brands. Additionally find the reason for their rejections. Above details will help you for that cause.

My rabbit is not eating, what should I do? Conclusion

We are discussing until now the most important topic around your question on “My rabbit is not eating, what should I do?” So now you can follow our guidelines to reduce issues of your rabbit and keep them healthy. Finally we suggest you always try to give them only fresh and clean foods. When the foods expire you should take away them and give new foods. It will also help to prevent or reduce rabbit’s health problems. Take care your pet rabbit and keep it happily.

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