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Puppy and kitten. So now we are going to talk about the way that you can help your cat and puppy to be together. Its little bit hard to  take chances them being together. The best way to do this is to educate them first. So let me explain. Think about your current pets. Before you decide to bring a new pet into your home, you may want to think about how your current pets will react to the new addition.

Think about how your current pets might react to a new pet and use that information to make a decision. Considering how your pets might react will also help you develop a plan for introducing new pets into your home. For example, if you have dogs and are considering getting a new cat, how might the dogs react? Do you know cats? Have you ever had a cat? If so, how did your dogs behave around cats? Did they chase the cats away or did they ignore them?

Puppy and Kitten – Prepare a safe room or place for your new pet.

So imagine that you have adopted your pet and this is his first home. What to do in such situations? Moving to a new home is a terrible experience for a pet, so you need to create a safe and quiet place for your new pet to escape if necessary. You can use the guest bedroom, a quiet corner of the living room or the hallway. Whatever location you choose, make sure it’s a safe place for your new pet to escape from if necessary.

For example, if you are bringing a new cat home, you can place the litter box, food, and water in a room that is rarely visited by people. Let your new cat stay in this room for the first week in your house so she can get used to the sounds and smells of her new home. During this time, let the dog sniff the door and get used to the cat’s smell. This will come in handy when you introduce them to each other.

Make sure you visit your new pet often and give him time to wander around the house. Keep in mind that providing a safe space or room should only be a temporary measure to help your pets get to know each other.

Install baby gates. Baby gates are a great way to let your cat and dog coexist. By installing baby gates on some doors in your home, you can prevent your dog from entering where you keep cat food, water, and toilets. The baby gate also makes it easy for your cat to run away from your dog if necessary. If your cat is older and can’t climb over the gate, try placing the gate higher so your cat can go under it but your dog can’t.

Train your dog to behave with a cat

Use calming pheromones to calm your dog. You can purchase diffusers, collars, and dog calming pheromone sprays to help calm your dog during the transition. These foods exude a scent similar to the one fed to mother dogs to soothe their puppies. Using one of these products can help your dog feel better when she enters your home or is introduced to a new cat, which can make training easier.

Puppy and Kitten – Introduce Dog and Cat to Each Other

Take your dog for a long walk before planning to introduce him to a cat. Keep him on a leash and let him sit while someone else fetches your cat. Reward your dog for ignoring your cat. Repeat this as many times as necessary until your dog is no longer interested in chasing your cat. Once he loses interest in your cat, you can add rope to his leash.

Don’t let your dog chase your cat

When your dog is first introduced to your cat, you need to make sure you don’t let the dog chase your cat. You can distract your dog when he starts chasing your cat, or you can use the leash to control your dog when he and your cat are around. Try clapping your hands once to get your dog’s attention if he tries to chase your cat away. Then tell the dog to “sit” so that the cat has a chance to leave the room.

If your dog is difficult to control and still unresponsive to commands, consider a training harness. Training harnesses apply gentle pressure that keeps your dog from pulling away from you. Intervene if your dog corners the cat. Even if your dog is just playing, it can cause serious harm to your cat.

Teach your dog basic commands like sit and walk

Teaching your dog how to behave around a cat is critical to keeping the peace in the home, so it’s good for your dog to know a few basic commands. If your dog hasn’t already been taught basic commands like “sit” and “go away”, take time each day to teach them these commands. Keep your workouts short and focused. Repeat the command four or five times and immediately reward your dog with a treat each time the command is followed.

If your dog is having trouble learning these commands, consider seeking help from a certified professional dog trainer. Contact your veterinarian for a recommendation.

Puppy and Kitten – Reward good behavior with praise and treats.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to let your dog know that he did something good and that you want him to repeat that behavior. Try to reinforce your dog’s good behavior every time you see him by praising him and giving him a treat. For example, if your dog notices a cat walking around the room rather than stalking or chasing her, immediately praise her and give her a treat so she knows this behavior is desirable.

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