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Why does my cat keep throwing up

Do you know “Why does my cat keep throwing up?” We are ready to explain this here. Cat is a friendly pet that we can keep in our houses. In that case, cats will have some health issues and other problems. Our main title is one of them. So, if you are a cat owner we think, it will be very important to know what is the reason why your cat keeps throwing up. As well as you should have some knowledge to prevent it from happening.

Here the cat owners will become concerned about vomiting their cats. Therefore, understanding the reasons for the vomiting of cats is a very important point to providing healthy living time and providing companions with a comfortable life. So today our target is to give you to take proactive steps to make sure the cats are well-being. So, you can keep reading with us.

Why does my cat keep throwing up and vomiting? Common reasons

Why does my cat keep throwing up? What do several types of vomiting of cats? You can solve all these questions when you have some awareness about the common reasons why cats vomit. Here we can include them one by one.


This is the main and common reason for that. When they have trapped hairballs, it can cause intestinal blockage. This will make more dangerous health issues. Usually, cats can swell a lot of hair. when they do it every day, it will become a too-big hairball. This may be a reason to cats throw up and vomit. As well as in that case we can see other signs from them such as coughing, hacking, and retching even.

Diet issues

As another reason, we can mention the dieting issues of cats. Why does my can throw up after eating? Sometimes your cat will eat inappropriate foods. Then they cannot identify those foods and they cannot accept them. Then it will be a reason to vomit and throw up. When you change their foods accidentally, cats will be vomiting immediately after eating. In addition to these, sometimes your cat will have some infections from foods. Then the cat will vomit.

Furthermore, if your cat eats too much and too quickly, it also shows these results. Why is my cat throwing up after eating too much? They cannot accept all those foods. Not only vomiting but also too much eating can create causes such as dehydration, digestive problems, and esophageal issues. Therefore, always you should keep in mind to pay attention to their dieting process.

Medical conditions

Why is your cat throwing up? It will happen to some underlying medical conditions. Vomiting will be a sign of their health issues. What are these health issues? It may be kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid issues, or any other same underlying issues. In that causes you can see there are several types of signs including throwing up, vomiting such as diarrhea, weight loss, or lethargy even.

Foreign objects

Why is my cat throwing up? This is another reason to throw up your cat. Sometimes you can see cats would like to eat anything such as toys, plants, animals, or any other foreign objects. When they eat something among them, it will lead to vomiting or lack of appetite and diarrhea.


Sometimes cats may have infestations from parasites. The parasites will create from any encounter with the animal, or they will come from a potential injury. According to these we think that parasites are the main reason here because when they enter the stomach of a cat, it will lead to create struggle. This is a chance to vomit cats and throw up.

Human foods

Why does my cat keep throwing up after eating? In that case we mean, processed human sweets such as chocolate. These are very bad for your cat. In addition to chocolates we should mention here milk, onion, and garlic also will make some difficulties and they will be toxic to the digestive system of your cat. When they lose their appetite for those products, it will lead to vomiting.

How can prevent your cat from throwing up?

If you have a good awareness about this, you can care for your cat from this issue. When you are going to change their diet methods by giving them new foods, you should not feed all of them same time. We suggest you give them slowly and complete the transition gradually. Give them enough time to adjust the new food recipes from their methods. While choosing the foods also you should pay attention to only healthy foods for your cats. Try to give only an appropriate diet that ate suitable for their age, activity level, and overall health. Consider the number of foods that you should feed them based on these factors.

Another method is considering regular grooming. This will help to prevent hairballs. Keep in mind to remove loose hair daily. Not only these methods but also, we suggest you always keep your home safe. Do not keep small objects that can eat your cat such as toys, hair tiles, rubber bands, pins, and other same things. Keep them in a suitable place that your cat is unable to reach easily. Some types of houseplants also will create issues for your cat. Therefore, you should pay attention to them. Keep them out of reach cats and reduce their many toxics of them.

Why does my cat keep throwing up? Bottom line

We are discussing until now the pet lesson on the question “Why does my cat keep throwing up?” If you are a cat owner this article will help you much. Finally, we suggest you always keep your cat safe and give the most suitable feeding methods. Accidentally if your cat vomits frequently or shows dangerous signs, you should call a doctor and get advice to reduce that issue. When they increase those health issues, your cat will have many risks.

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