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Why my rescue dog never wags his tail

So today we are talking about my rescue dog never wags his tail. Your dog never wagged his tail due to mental health issues. Or they have injuries like hook tail and happy tail syndrome. Medical problems such as osteoarthritis, tail cancer, lower back disease, and prostate disease can also contribute to the disease. Or they cut off his dog’s tail.

Why my rescue dog never wags his tail – Osteoarthritis

Most people know someone with osteoarthritis. However, this is what our poor dog can suffer. Osteoarthritis is like all fancy scientific or medical terms. His name is pretty much his definition, just in a different language.Osteo refers to osteon, which means bone. Art refers to artron, which means pronunciation. The suffix itis in countless disease names refers to inflammation. So here a little explanation It is inflammation of bones and joints.

How does this work

Basically the end of the bones are more like covered with articular cartilage as well. Synovial or joint fluid acts as a lubricant. Together they reduce friction between joints. But it gets worse with age. Degeneration of articular cartilage. That makes joints to not move smoothly as it used to be. This injury can cause pain. Your dog is just like your grandmother. Mainly this is only one reason and there are so many reasons more than this so lets see.


Dogs usually appear as fluffy lumps, energetic and happy. So for some furry parents or those who want a dog, stress has nothing to do with them. But dogs can get stressed. It can trigger a range of psychological responses, such as biting and scratching, or cues, such as not wiggling the tail in unusual ways. Other indicators of stress identified by the VCA include changes in posture. As I mentioned before, tail wagging is often interpreted as a dog’s pleasure. But if your furry little guy has one or two stressors, chances are his tail is stuck. It won’t falter in this position.

Why my rescue dog never wags his tail –  frustrated

Depression is an emotional response. Just like stress. But there are differences. For example, when the stressor is removed, the stress goes away quickly. Depression, however, is not that simple. This is more durable. OVRS identifies sadness, change, boredom, and work as triggers for depression.

What do you mean by work

It’s not work that is associated with people’s depression. Our hairless bipeds are prone to stress and depression at work. But our four-legged fur babies get frustrated when they can’t work. However, as you know, some dogs are bred specifically for work. They are designed for tasks such as herding, sledding, hunting or gathering. It’s your intuition. Depression sets in when they can’t fill it. Just like in times of stress, a depressed dog will stick his tail in. 

Dog usual language

Before we read why dogs never wag their tails, let’s tell him a little bit about the language of tail wagging and why it’s so popular. Dogs are very dependent on training. When a puppy is one month old, he understands that rocking is his language of communication. When the puppy has had enough, it starts wagging its tail. This is how he communicates with his mother and his peers. He told the mother dog that he was hungry, that playtime with his littermates was over and that he was exhausted.

Whole body movement shows that your dog is really having fun. He was spinning in circles, his mouth slightly open, and his whole body was shaking. You will most likely see him doing this after he gets home from get off work. A dog with an upward tail is a sign of aggression. A tail waving at high speed and fast can be dangerous. This is mostly seen when the dog is excited. Stay away from such a sign as it shows tension and hostility.

Why my rescue dog never wags his tail – rough treatment for dogs

When a family member is too rough with the dog, he will also stop shaking it. The trainer can be rude to the dog, not the family member. Some dogs stop wagging their tails when interacting with strangers. Other reasons are the departure of the owner or the death of a pet you miss so much. It is said that not wagging the tail may be associated with depression.

Does Race matter

There is also a link with breed type. Some puppies have tails so short that they won’t be seen when moving, the Boston Terrier is an example. Bobtails don’t have much tail to wag. The Cavaliers, on the other hand, won’t stop wagging their tails anyway.

Short or curly tail

For dogs with short tails or curly tails that never wag, try looking at the base of the tail. Movement at the bottom probably means the spine isn’t damaged, they simply can’t spread muscle activity throughout the body, so no movement can be seen. Some people seem to have noticed that very curly ponytails tend not to move much compared to straight or curly ponytails. Pugs and Boston terriers are breeds with tails close to the body. They show no movement.

Why my rescue dog never wags his tail – rescue dog

Rescue dogs are known for never wagging their tails. They will dance happily and twist their butts a little, but twisting is impossible. So this is all about why my rescue dog never wags his tail. I hoe that this might help you. See you soon.

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