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Why there are so many lions

Why there are so many lions. So today we are talking about lions what you need to do when a lion comes to you. Do not panic. If a lion accuses you, you will be very scared. Do your best not to panic. Keeping a calm and sober mind can save your life. Knowing what to expect can help you stay calm. For example, keep in mind that the lion will roar as he attacks. It can shake the ground below you, but keep in mind that this is normal for a lion attack. do not run Protect your territory.

You must take charge of the situation and show the lion that you are a threat. Turn so you are next to the lion while clapping, shouting and waving your arms. This will make you look bigger and more dangerous to the lion. The behavior of lions differs from one region to another. The larger tourist attractions have lions that are more used to vehicles and therefore less fearful of humans. However, many lions will mimic an attack when they first encounter humans. If you look threatening, they will move away.

Why there are so many lions – Come back slowly.

Don’t turn your back on him. Keep waving and pointing, but back away slowly. If you run, the lion can sense your fear and chase you. Keep threatening the lion as you retreat. Avoid retreating to thickets like forests. Instead, retreat to an open area.

get ready again

The lion can attack you again while you are trying to retreat. If this happens, yell as loud as you can and put your hands up. Actually, he screams through his mouth. This time, when he turns around, stop the aggression. Turn to the side and walk away. This can help you avoid.

fighting attack

don’t sleep. If these precautions fail for any reason, the lion may attack. If this happens, stay awake. The lion will probably pounce on your face and throat. This means that it will jump and you will see the giant cat in its entirety. Although it looks intimidating, it will help you get a better view of the animal. If you crouch, you’ll be much less likely to retaliate if he attacks you from that angle.

Why there are so many lions – aim for the face

When the cat jumps on you, defend yourself. Hit or kick the lion when he lunges at you. Aim for the head and eyes while still fighting the predator. The cat is likely to be much stronger than you, but hitting it in the head and eyes will go a long way and might take you away from the lion.

Ask for immediate help

Lion attacks have already been repelled by humans. People who were attacked and repulsed by the cats were able to seek immediate medical attention. Especially if the lion was able to close its jaws on you and bite you, you need to stop the bleeding. Treat any deep tooth or claw cuts immediately.

Why there are so many lions – Seeking psychological help

Even if the attack was faked, it may be a good idea to seek professional psychological help. Getting over such a traumatic experience is no small thing. This is a very rare situation that you can get into. Ask for help to help you move forward soon.

group life

A typical lion pride consists of about six related females, their dependent cubs, and a “coalition” of 2 or 3 permanent males who have joined the pride from elsewhere. The Pride is a “split and merge” society, and Pride members are rarely seen together, with the exception of mothers who have picked up their children from a “nursery”.

Most daughters are recruited by their mothers’ packs, although about a third disperse to form new packs; Herd size ranges from 1 to 21 females, with medium sized herds having the highest reproductive rates and females from the same herd reproducing at the same rate. Young males always leave the house in search of unrelated partners. Coalition size varies from 1 to 10 males, with coalitions of 4 to 10 males consisting entirely of males born to the same group, while pairs and triplets often include unrelated individuals. Although larger male coalitions have higher reproductive success per capita, reproduction is only shared equally among smaller coalitions.

Leos are very attached to their same-sex partners. Females spend their lives in their mother’s pack or with their sisters in a new pack; men can spend only a few years in this pride, but stick with their coalition partners for life. Learn more about group living.

Why there are so many lions – Infanticide

When a new coalition of males takes control of a flock, the young are a major obstacle to their reproduction. Mothers of surviving pups will not reproduce until their pups are 18 months old, but will mate within a few days if their pups are lost. Therefore, the males that come do not want to be stepfathers and kill all the young cubs in their new pride; infanticide accounts for a quarter of all puppy deaths. Although often shunned by male infanticides, the underage boys become outcasts and must fend for themselves and face the risk of starvation and attacks from neighboring packs. Sometimes, mothers accompany excluded minors to independence.

Mothers directly protect their young from attacks by external males, and females also reduce the risk of infanticide by encouraging competition between rival males so that they only conceive again after the largest available coalition has become a resident of their herd. Herd. Female lionesses kill the cubs of rival prides, but never kill the cubs of their fellow prides. The “egalitarianism” of lionesses is markedly different from the despotic behavior of wolves, wild dogs, and many other species in which dominant females do not allow subordinates to reproduce.

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