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Bearded dragon smelly poop

We are ready to find out the details on the main title of “Bearded dragon smelly poop” This topic may be confusing to the response. However, we think discuss this using there are different and new details about Bearded dragons. Usually, these animals are more popular because of their unique appearance. Most of the people like to keep them as their pets. They have spiky beards under their chin. Therefore, they are incredibly famous as bearded dragons.

However, we can identify them in Australia. They are omnivorous animals, and their beard can help to stay in the environment without any risk. They can grow well within balanced diet methods. Further, they are staying in the specific environmental conditions. Warm and lighting weather is the most suitable for them. However today we are ready to discuss the special characteristic of smelly poop. Keep reading and collect the amazing details.

What is the special of “Bearded dragon smelly poop”?

According to the above details, you can get the main idea about the bearded dragons. Instead of those details, we should note here they are produced the waste with their poop such as urine and feces. But here the important thing is, those have more and highlighted odor. But usually, healthy bearded dragons do not have this feature. They should have an unpleasant odor. But when you smell the nauseating odor, it may be a sign of some health problem.

What are the reasons for “Bearded dragon smelly poop”?

While considering the “Bearded dragon smelly poop” we should find out the reasonable details for that situation. what are they? As the first thing we noted above, it may be their health issue. Instead of health issues, this bad odor will create because of their diet methods. Usually, they have always eaten insects, fruits, and vegetables even. But in that case, sometimes they are used to expire foo. This will be a reason for smelly poop. It also may be included elevated levels of protein.

In addition to the diet methods, their digestion also will create this odor. When they have poor digestion, it will build infections inside their body. As the reason for this poor digestion we can mention, improper lighting, lack of calcium or another essential thing, less water amount and inadequate heat. Parasites are another reason for smelly poop. From those, they will face some infections and bacteria in their body. They will lead to making a bad odor of their poop.

What are the treatments for “Bearded dragon smelly poop”?

We noted above the common reason for the bad odor of bearded dragons. So now we have a responsibility to give you some solutions to reduce this situation. With your huge awareness, you can reduce this issue from the bearded dragon. First, you should manage their diet method. Always give them only fresh and new fruits, vegetables, and any other their foods. Always try to adjust their dieting process. Do not give expired foods anyway.

Our next suggestion is, to consider about their digestion process. Make sure this process is processed with a suitable method. You can get advice from the veterinarian and follow their instructions to maintain the digestion process. Give the best supplements or medicines to reduce this issue. Not only these things but you also give medical treatments those recommended by the doctor. Sometimes it will include some vitamins, antibiotics, and caring foods.

Why is bearded dragon poop white and brown?

Instead of the unpleasant smell of bearded dragon’s smelly poop, sometimes you can see their white and brown poop. So, it is time to find out the reasons for this issue. White and brown poop color will create from their overall health. However, according to some research, it will not be a dangerous situation. Not only health, but their diet, hydration, and other things will be reasons for those colors also. However, we are ready to consider this incident separately.

What is the reason for the white part of their poop?

The white part of their poop is usually named as “urate” This is created by the kidneys. This is included solid waste products. As well as we can identify this white part as “beardie pee” even. However, this is created with the liquid urine of the bearded dragon. Not only white color but this is showing as the yellowish color also. If you find out the more details about this, you can know that, this color poop has chalky consistency also.

What is the reason for the brown color part of their poop?

In the above, you can identify the reason for the white color part of the bearded dragon’s poop. So now we are ready to find out the reasons for the brown color part of their poop. Actually, this part is their feces. This will create from their foods and any other waste things. However, keep in mind this brown color will be changed according to their dieting methods and foods.

However instead of these two colors, when you see some changes, you should pay more attention to their health status. In that case, it will be more suitable to go to a veterinarian than give homemade medicines. Then you can keep your bearded dragon without any health issues and discomfort. Before they face risks and health challenges, you can help to reduce those while checking their daily habit of them. Further, you should check their behaviors always. When you see some changes, it is time to give attention.

“Bearded dragon smelly poop” Bottom line

We are discussing key details on “Bearded dragon smelly poop” until now with this article. We had a question “does bearded dragon poop smell?” Yes, their poop gives a bad smell according to the above details. However, you have some responsibility to take the risk of this behavior. Finally, we suggest you to study their daily routine and when it changed, you can go for some treatments. Usually, they poop one to two times per day. When you shoe more than two times of their poop it also needs your attention.

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