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Dog grooming terminology-terms of grooming

You might be a pet owner you might own a cat or dog. This article might help for dog owners. Because we going to talk about dog grooming terminology. So you might be a loving dog dad or a dog mom. That owns a dog or many of them might own puppies. So when it comes to taking a good care of your dog first thing you must do is grooming. Dog grooming actually keeps your dog’s healthy. Your dog might be a little dog or a big dog grooming is something that you must do. Another thing that you can find a animal house groomer that can groom your dog at home. We are not talking about home grooming we are talking about grooming by a professional. So you must think why you need a professional groomer I can groom my dog at home. Brushing your dog and removing his fallen hair is not actually grooming.  Keeping a healthy coat is actual grooming.

Dog grooming terminology visiting a professional.

 You decided visit a groomer for your dog you might wonder what I should need to tell him. Because this must be your first time. And you don’t know anything about grooming. Not knowing what cut I should give my dog like these things might prevent you from going to groomers. For a fact first time visit actually will be stressful if you visit there without knowing anything. Or you might get confuse when they tell cut for your dog and you don’t know anything about it. And other reason is you must know what exactly you need. Because if you tell the groomer do like that or that without telling cut groomer also will be confused. And you might not like the outcome of that. So if you don’t want get confused or get anxiety on your first groomer visit you must be ready before you go there. You might think when can you take a puppy to the groomer the best answer for  this is you can take your puppy when his fur is grown too much. 

Grooming terms cuts and tips

So we’re going to talk about grooming terminology. What is grooming terminology, grooming terminology is something that groomer leans in grooming school. About grooming pets. Groomers have knowledge about terms and terminology. But you may not have the knowledge so that’s how the confusion starts. So you want to be know what exactly you want and be confident about it. You must need know the terminology to know what exactly your groomer is saying. So terminology is words that groomers use when they are working. Basically the tools or may be for the cuts. As like other workshops groomers also use special words to their tools. They use so much tools you may never even saw in your life. Because of that or your lack knowledge about of terminology can lead you to a confused situation. It’s actually normal so let’s see some terminology that groomers use.

Dog grooming terminology-Tips about terminology.

So let’s learn about some terms that groomers use when they doing their work. You only need to know some common words that will be enough understand what groomer saying. First one is clippers, clippers mean razor type tool that groomer use to take of length off a dog. Next word is carding, carding means the process that groomer remove dead undercoat of the pet. Cat feet, cat feet means hair of your dog’s toes scissored. As the same length as length of the top of feet. Next one is clean face this one is something you can hear a lot. Clean face means shaving the pets face like cheeks, muzzle all sides.  the easiest way to find top dog groomers in my area is looking for google reviews on groomers.  For next one you need to know what clean feet means. Clean feet means shaving your pets feet’s completely. Another main word is dematting. Demating is the process that groomer remove your pets fur.

Cuts that can you get for your dog.

So now we can talk about some cuts that you can give to your pet. For the first cut let’s talk about the most famous puppy cut. For puppy cut groomer will left your dog’s hair at least inch long. But the thing there is no standard limit for you pup you can leave how long you want hair. Next cut is the kennel cut let me explain about this cut. This refer to short length cut that you can give to your dog. For this cut also there no specific limit. But most groomers leave half inch of hair in most places. So now we talked about two cut but there are more to go. So let’s simply talk about few more. And also let’s only talk about few more because I don’t want to confuse you. So let’s only talk about main cuts that you can give.

For the third cut I’m going to explain the most famous lion cut. This cut is for big dogs, like dogs with big coat of hair. For this cut groomer will leave short length of hair on the back of your dog. And will leave full length of hair on front side of the dog. Basically this cut is to change your dog’s look as a lion. Your dog’s chest and front legs will shaved to the same size as his back coat. And will be poof of hair will left on your dog’s tail too. So this will be last cut I’m going to explain and I will bring more in future. We talked about Dog grooming terminology I think you understand what we talked about.

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