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Should I let my dog roam the house at night-Top 3 reasons

Today’s topic is should I let my dog roam the house at night. We are writing this specially for dog owners. Before talk about this topic we need to understand why we need a dog in our life. So most people dog or cat lovers some are not like that in the beginning. But they eventually adopt dogs with the time. Let’s see why you need a dog in your life. First thing is that you need a dog is you need a friend. Or you need a partner to share your time with. Isn’t it so good when you back from work and puppy or a dog comes to greet you? And you can share your time with your dog by playing with him and you will have great memories. Or isn’t it nice to have dog as your travel partner he will follow you everywhere.

So if your concern of outsiders getting into house and cared about your dog get a dog guard electric fence that the best thing that you can do. And another thing is keeping your dog guard dog guard out of sight fencing is the best. 

You need dog in your life to cheer you up. Every time you feel down your dog will cheer you up. And having a dog is also mentally helpful. Dogs can help you avoid anxiety or depression. Because when you have buddy dog if you feel depressed your dog also feels you. He will hang besides you and he will cheer you up to avoid depression. If you have kids and by letting them have dog can keep them active and happy all day. So most people things having dog is too much for them. Because they dogs will double the work you need to do. It actually not having a dog is like you having another family member. Dogs can be useful with your life as I say.

Dogs also can provide you security for the house and for yourself too they a so useful and lovable. Every dog is not like the guard dogs security company own some dogs can get hurt as well.

Top tips for you should I let my dog roam the house at night

Let me explain you why you should and should not let your dog rom at night. So first you need understand your dog. How you can understand your dog you need to admire your dog’s behavior for few days. And you will see how your dog act during the night and the day. Most dogs are active during the night there are some reasons for that. The reason is your dog have lot of energy because of that they need to use that energy.

So they will be little too much active at night. Some are adventures at night the want do things at night. They wake up in the middle of the night and looking for do some activities. This happens more with puppies they are living with full of surprises. They always have lot of energy to waste. So they will roam all night if they want.

Other dogs have pent-up energy. It means that they have more energy on them than the last ones. If they didn’t manage to burn that energy before night they will be awake at all night. They will do things like running, barking or trying to play with you like that. So you need keep them active at daytime if you want them to be calm at night. It’s not that hard take them to walk at daytime play with them for few hours. That might be enough. Some dogs will respond too much to the surroundings at night. There could be a loud noise or a flickering light might be a subtle noise. Your dog will respond quickly and it search what was the noise. These kind of dogs will awake time by time if they get disturbed. It’s totally natural and it will be a normal to your dog.

Why I shouldn’t let my dogs roam around house

There are few reasons that you should not let your dog to roam around. Let’s see why you should not let your dog roam around inside the house at night. Its night time and you and your family might be sleeping but your dog is awake and roaming around. But there is a bad habit that dogs have its dogs always chew on objects. What If your dog try to swallow the object and choke on it. That’s something you never want to happen to your dog. As I say dogs will always try to swallow objects. If your dog swallow a sharp object it will end badly for him. Another reason is medicines that we use. If your dog eat human medicine if it was on reachable to your dog. Human medicine might give your dog poisonings. So be responsive when you’re not around your dog.

Even I can’t let my dog roam for security?

So if you have a guard dog let’s see how you can let your dog roam. First thing is your dog must be mature. Not a pup at least your dog must be over 3 years if you letting him to guard. And your dog must be trained to guard your house. Untrained dogs can’t give security that is something that you should need to know. If you let your untrained dog let guard your house it will end badly. There will be predators outside your dog can get injured. Or what if your untrained dog followed thieve and he got lost after that. So if you looking for a guard dog please wait until it get mature. And during that time train him to be a guard dog.

So today we talked about should I let my dog roam the house at night. I think you got the idea see you soon with another article.

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