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How to crate train a puppy with another dog

For today we are booking at How to crate train a puppy with another dog. This going to be the main topic to our article. A new puppy can be a problem, especially if there are other dogs in the house. If your dogs are already trained, you will be happy to know that they do not interfere with the process of training new puppies. Instead, they may give you a hand. Taming a new dog requires a lot of patience, a basket and a basket full of treats. Puppies can make mistakes, so be prepared to accept and keep learning. It will be harder for him and you to experience your puppy getting angry, scolding or punishing. It tells you how potty training can be a joyful experience for both of you and how successful your new puppy can be in potty training himself.

How to train a puppy if you already have an untrained dog at home? Luckily, once you’ve trained a doghouse, you won’t be doing many different things. Keep the basket out of sight of an untrained dog. Some puppies feel secure with their basket and feel trapped when they see another dog approaching and behave aggressively as a result. Similarly, the first dog may try to take advantage of the puppy’s vulnerable position and try to growl or attack. For this reason, keep the basket and current dog separate from each other, at least until they are comfortable with each other.

How to crate train a puppy with another dog Рa positive experience

Prepare a lot of healthy and tasty treats. Quick treats are usually better for training, but you can also give your puppy a long chew as a gift and get him to sit down. Put the puppy on a leash and take him to this place every time you go out to comfort him. Praise, stroke or treat him when his outdoor activities are successful. Puppies love to explore new places, so you can go ahead and walk around the area to make their learning more fun and enjoyable. In addition, a tired puppy behaves well too.

Use the box to rest and enter

If you can’t keep an eye on your puppy at all times, use a basket to help him potty train. Puppies should not be kept in a crate for more than two consecutive hours, and they should not use their crate as a litter box. First, make sure the basket is the right size for the baby, but doesn’t leave enough room for a bowel movement. Dogs usually don’t urinate or defecate where they sleep.

Keep the design as simple as possible for your puppy. Arm him with a comfortable dog bed, blanket, water, and his favorite toys to make his time in the basket enjoyable. Do not leave the puppy in the basket for more than two hours. Take it to defecate and walk too. Play with him outside the cage. To know when your puppy needs relief, feed him in a basket and wait until he tells you when to go, then take him out immediately.

Be sure to make them encouraged 

Encourage your puppy to go into the basket by placing treats, toys, and food. When you are at home, keep the door of the basket open so that the puppy is free to enter and exit as he pleases. Also, always give him a treat to reward him for entering when you put him in the basket. Protect the puppy’s cage and do not enter another dog’s cage as it may become aggressive towards the puppy. If you are still interested in a puppy kennel, consider purchasing a kennel for your existing dog. Most dogs are considered cats and prefer places reserved for them.

Keep your puppy in a basket when you can’t keep an eye on him. Such as when he’s not at home or when he’s sleeping. Once you take it out of the box, take it out, always going through the same door in the same place. After you’ve put him where you want him to be, give him a treat.

Take your puppy outside at the same time every day. He will make you a schedule that will help you in the training process.

How to crate train a puppy with another dog – Make adult dog to focus on you

You don’t have to focus on the adult puppy, you just want the puppy to be at a safe distance. Whenever an adult dog examines a puppy, you need to get his attention back. An adult dog should try to get used to the smell of a puppy. If the dog pays too much attention to the puppy, he may misbehave. So always use treats for an adult dog. A dog pays more attention to you than puppies.

How to crate train puppy a with another dog – Give a home tour

Although the introduction is very well done, the adult dog does not react badly to the puppy; You can’t leave him at home. Adult puppies need to get used to having a puppy at home, so how do we do that? You need a toy or a basket, an adult dog that can walk freely, not a puppy. An adult dog has already learned domestic behavior and is well behaved in the house, so this is a puppy that you want to control. Place the puppy in a basket or toy box and walk around the adult dog without letting him focus on the puppy.

We talked about How to crate train puppy with another dog. And im going to end the article right here. See you soon bye. 

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