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Older dog won’t leave puppy alone – Top 3 reasons

Today we going to talk about older dog won’t leave puppy alone. There are so many reasons why this will happen. I will explain this matter with including two main theories that you should know. This will include why your dog won’t leave and stay protective on your puppy. And other one is why your dog will not accept a new puppy. These both topics are simple and understandable and I will explain these matters shortly. This matter is one of the main problems that owners that have older dogs. Most older dogs will not appreciate puppies when they see them first time. On the other hand some dogs will get protective over puppies. This happen because dogs have different moods over little puppies. This mostly happens with male dogs. Female dogs doesn’t show aggressiveness over puppies. Let’s talk more about this with explanations to get more into this.

Let’s see this matter little bit closely and more explained way. For example you’re a dog owner and your fog is older than 3 years. And also the dog is mature that means your dog don’t have puppy energy. He more like a grown dog that doing grown dog stuff. You decide to buy another puppy while you have the bigger grown dog. Mostly when you bring a little puppy to bigger dog they won’t appreciate the little one. There some reasons for that I will explain about that later in the article. On the other hand some grown dogs will be protective over puppies. They will be overprotective and start to act like he’s puppy’s parent. All natural this behaviors go away with the time. But there some concerns you should aware of they not dangerous things. These are some things that you should keep on your mind

Older dog won’t leave puppy alone- does older dogs hurt puppies

So now we going to talk about one of the concerns that grown dog owners have. Will the dog hurt the little puppy. I will explain about this simply let’s see. So when you get the puppy and get to home. And first thing that we do is introducing the puppy to our old dog. And the first thing that the dog will do is inspect the puppy. Then he will watch the puppy from long distance and he will not let the puppy to come closer to him. If the puppy come closer to him he will start barking at him. And sometimes the dog will push him with his paws. Or bark aggressively so for these you don’t want to be concerned. Because your dog is confused and the older dog will not hurt your puppy. Mostly dogs will not hurt little puppies.

Introducing a puppy to a jealous dog

So now I’m going to explain how you can introduce a puppy to a jealous dog. Some dogs are so jealous when it comes to sharing things. Let’s see how to avoid that jealous when it comes to another puppy. So if you have a jealous dog and you going to introduce him to a new puppy. First thing that you need to do is leashing them both. Then hold your older dog and bring the puppy. Let them make contact while you guys hold both their leashes. After they met each other pet them both same way. Be with them for few minutes and give pets to both of them. Then you need to give both these guys treats first give treats to the big dog. Then give trays to the puppy do it few times and let the play for little time. Do this for few weeks.

And you will be good. After a month the jealousy will go away. Mostly dogs take around one month to get use to a new puppy. After the month it will be all normal and both will be live peacefully.

Introducing the puppy to a dominant dog

This actually a something that we need to talk because most dogs are dominant. When a Dog comes to adult age they get dominant. That means they mark their own territory if someone cross this they get aggressive. For this kind of dog introducing a puppy is little bit hard but it can be done easily some times. So let’s see how you can do this easily and quickly. So for this first meet need to be positive. You need calm your grown dog before you introduce the puppy to him. After your dog get calm let them greet for few minutes and make sure that you are close to them. After they introduce their selves separate them and give some treats. Don’t give treats when they are closer to each other. Keep few meters of distance between them and give the treats.

Doing that will make a positive feeling on the grown dog that puppy will not bother him. By doing this for few weeks your fog and the puppy will get friends together. After that you font want to bother about your dog’s dominant behaviors. He will not be dominant toward the puppy. Another question that people ask is do I need stop when my fog growls at the puppy. Actually growl is not a think that you should concern. A growl from a big dog to a puppy is actually the big dog teaching the puppy how to respect to him. Puppies need to learn respect too.

So today we talked about why Older dog won’t leave puppy alone. I think that you got the idea. So see you soon with a new article. Bye for now.

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