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Is Pomeranian apartment dog – explained

So today we are ­­talking about is Pomeranian apartment dog this going to be the main topic for today. As the normal routine we need talk about the dog breed first. So what kind of dog Pomeranian actually is. Basically Pomeranian actually is small sized dog not like other large dog breeds. These little guys are more active and energetic as well. Also these guys are known to have big ego as well, aren’t they. They always try to challenge bigger dogs as well. These guys have mindset that think they can do anything even if they smaller than others. Basically these guys are well known for good apartment dogs but also there downsides as well. Like sometimes they bark a lot and need so much attention like these things. So that’s why today we are talking about these guys. We going to talk about what you can do.

Is Pomeranian apartment dog – History

There is one thing before us going to talk about how you can apartment proof your Pomeranian. Mainly we need look at these dogs history as well. Actually Pomeranians comes from Pomerania it’s a province from far northern country. These guys were first breed at their long time ago. Also there are few oldest relatives actually live there too. Mainly like Norwegian elkhound, schipperke and also the American eskimo dog. These all breed are the relative of this little dog. These dogs are actually known for their unique look as well. They have more like little fox look as well. Mainly fox like ears also the legs are like fox’s. They also big fur coat as well that makes they more cuddly dogs. Another thing is back in the days this dogs only were pets too well known people. They were like type of dogs that only rich people had.

Is Pomeranian apartment dog-things that you should know

So there some things that you should know before having a Pomeranian dog. These dogs are known to be very friendly dogs as well. So playful and as I say Pomeranians have so much energy on them as well. Sometimes they can get aggressive over strangers too much. Also they will get aggressive over other dogs as well that’s all natural instinct. You might actually know this these guys are known for having no fear on them. Don’t get fooled by their size these guys will actually show no fear to anything. Also these dogs are well known guard dog for families. They will guard your house no matter what comes to face them. So if someone have four or five Pomeranian dogs at their house that like keeping little devil dog pack as pets. So Pomeranian will be the guardian of your family that what I explained.

Pomeranian with kids

So another question that people have is Pomeranians good with kids. So we going to look about that slowly. Some dogs are not good with kids. That makes people not getting dogs when they have little kids. So what about Pomeranian are they good with kids can you get a Pomeranian while you have kids. The answer to that is yes you can get Pomeranian when you have kids. Mainly because they are so friendly with kids. They love so much to play with kids they always love kids. But if you have kid under like six seven years we not recommending having a Pomeranian as a pet. Because these guys are small dogs they can get hurt from even from a little thing. Also when they get hurt they can get more defensive that other dogs. So if your child is under six seven years don’t get a Pomeranian.

Can you left Pomeranian alone at home

Now we going to talk about can you left Pomeranian alone at home. This also one of the most asked question by dog lovers. I think mainly because these dogs are small that’s why people have this question maybe. So let me answer this for you basically Pomeranian dogs can be alone at home. Basically experts say that adult Pomeranian dog can be left alone for 10 hours a day. That means these dogs are ok to left alone at home. But there something that you must know before leaving your dog alone. Main thing that you must know is anxiety of your dog. Because sometimes dogs can get anxiety easily when they are left alone. To avoid this you can give them toys to play that can avoid anxiety from your dog.  There some few more things that you also need to consider as well.

Mainly if your Pomeranian dog is less than 4 months old don’t leave them alone. Because little puppies can get scared easily when they alone. Also little puppies can get anxiety easily as well. You don’t want to leave your puppies when they are building there self-confidence. Another thing is if you leave your puppy along. Also puppies might get hurt when they are along as well. So basically you need to wait at least until your puppy get 8 months old. If you want leave him for some reason you can let him sleep and leave. But our puppy might get up under 2 hours. So basically the best thing you can do is getting someone to watch over for your dog.

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