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Shiba Inu guard dog-things that you need to know

So now we are going to talk about Shiba inu guard dog. Is they are good guard dogs or are they family friendly things like that. But first we need to talk about shiba inu dogs. We need to understand what they are. So let’s talk about the dog first like some main information about the dog. Basically these guys are breed as a hunting dog in japan. So the origin of the dog is actually japan. These guys are breaded as small to medium sized dog breed. That means they are not a large sized dog. Also these guys are considered as the smallest dog breed that origin is japan. That means there is 6 dog breeds that comes from japan. And Shiba inu is the smallest breed from all of them. Small means not like Chihuahuas medium sized dogs. Let’s see more information about these guys.

Why they breaded a medium sized dog for hunting. Mainly because of the size of the dog they can easily move around in mountains easily. Also they are so agile in hard terrains that makes them a perfect hunting dogs. They can move in any place without getting into any issues. They have two coats of fur in their body one is stiff and straight. And the undercoat is so soft than other dog breeds. They are breaded with a very distinct blood line. The most unique thing is this dogs has a more fox like face. And also their ears and legs also looks like fox ears and legs. They have a more look like fox actually than dogs. Basically these dogs have 12 to 15 year lifespan as well. Especially these guys tail helps them in harsh weathers and in snow.  Let’s move on to other topics.

Shiba Inu guard dog-things that you need to know explained

Do another question that people has is shiba is a family dog. I saw this question in many more forums and Google searches. So let’s talk about it are they family friendly. So I’m going to simply explain this to you guys. Actually they are so family friendly dogs. And one of the most loyal dog breeds on earth. But there is a little bad thing with Shibas they are not too good with children. Their impatiens can easily get provoked by children. If I simply say they can get easily aggressive when children’s around. So if there’s a Shiba near children’s you need to keep your eyes on them. They are loyal for family but not for children’s that’s another meaning for that. Basically you don’t need to buy a Shiba if you have children’s in your house. They are good if you live single or without children.

Do they bark a lot?

So another question from internet is are they bark a lot. Basically this is also a question that shiba fans have. So if I say simple they bark but not too much. Basically every dog can bark and they are barking. Shibas bark but not much like annoying barks. They only bark when they need to bark. That’s mean if there was a situation that they need to bark. Then they will start to bark other times they will be quiet. But they will continuously start to bark if they are mad on something. That’s also a simple way they try to express their feelings too. They need to get really mad to start barking like this. So how much is a shiba inu puppy is another question. Basically a limited registered puppy will cost around 2000$. But full registered puppy will cost you around 4000$ now.

Is shiba inus are a guard dog

Now we going to talk that does shiba can live as guard dogs. Actually these guys are one of the good guard dog type of dog. They are very agile and intelligent also they known for their courage as well. They are one of the best guard dogs they can protect your house from any kind of intruders. Also they are known as alert dogs because they alert you in split second if your property is under danger. Don’t mind they are size and think they are kind of small dogs. Remember I said that these guys are very intelligent type of dog. If an intruder entered to your property Shiba will not go straightly to attack them. These guys will first alert their owners that there is an intruder. They will go to attack the intruder with the owner they will never try to single handedly try to fight.

So do you need to train them to become guard dogs let’s see about that. Basically these guys are born as guard dogs and as a family pet. That means they have the personality to become guard dogs in their puppy age too. But in old days they are not bread as guard dogs they were hunting dogs. That hunting dog genetics in their blood makes them the best guard dogs for homes. Their intelligent level also so high. These guys also known for very fast learners too. So basically if didn’t trained the dog they will do act like guard dogs. But if you give a proper training they will become the best.

So today we looked about Shiba inu guard dog. I think that I gave you guys a good article about them. And see you soon friends. Bye for now.

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