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Why My puppy doesn’t get excited to see me – explained

Why My puppy doesn’t get excited to see me. If your dog has stopped getting upset when he sees you, you might be wondering why and what you can do about it. This article will show you a number of possible causes and what you can do about them. Common reasons why your dog may stop waiting for you are bullying, injury or illness, feeding problems, or depression.

There are several possible causes and this may be the result of a combination of causes. However, there are some things you can consider when determining the root cause. There are a number of things you can do about it.

My puppy doesn’t get excited to see me – The reasons


He may be bullied around you. It would be more likely if it started suddenly after you started screaming or getting angry about it. Instead, calming down with him and using positive reinforcement training to change his behavior will help.

injury or illness

It can also be caused by injury or illness. This is more likely if they suddenly stop being restless and show other signs of illness or injury. Such as lameness or vomiting. In this case, the best option would be to take him to the vet.

Reward Behavior

They may also have learned that behavior is rewarded. If you reward him with extra attention, toys, or treats, for example. He’ll probably do more if he’s not thrilled with the extra rewards.

Problem with his diet

Another possible reason is that he had nutritional problems. This is more likely if your dog behaves differently after a diet change or if he behaves differently with certain foods. This will help make sure he is on the right diet and that no one is feeding him without your knowledge.

Someone else started to caring of him

If your dog pays more attention to someone else after you stop feeding and walking it. It may be because he is looking forward to food or exercise from the other person. In this case, if you yourself begin to feed and train him. Perhaps he will again begin to pay more attention to you.

Why My puppy doesn’t get excited to see me -Depression

Dogs can become depressed and this may be the reason why your dog is no longer happy to see you. It would be more likely if this happened after an event that may have caused him to become depressed, such as B. the death of his owner or another pet, behaves differently.

  • In this case, if the condition does not improve within a few weeks, it is worth taking it to the veterinarian.

Why My puppy doesn’t get excited to see me – How to know if your dog loves you

They willingly look into the eyes

Eye contact is often the first thing taught in basic obedience classes because it helps dogs focus. Throughout the world, eye contact is perceived as a challenge, but in romantic relationships it is a sign of trust and love. Think about your eye contact habits; If you are nervous or afraid of the other person, it may be difficult for you to look him in the eye, but if you want to trust him and show him respect, you will meet his eyes. It is very similar to dogs.

Eye contact is not only a sign of a strong bond between a dog and its human, but also a way to build and strengthen that bond. According to Japanese researchers Dogs that watch their owners show increased levels of oxytocin, and owners experience increased levels of oxytocin.

They check in with rides and a new environment

Dogs that are attached to their people often look at them. This does not mean that they are glued to you and stare you in the face 24/7. They may still pull on the leash like crazy when they spot a pigeon, but they will come back to you when it has flown away.

Even the most adventurous and independent dogs usually show their bond by “checking in” from time to time. For example, my dog ​​Ralph loves to walk and run ahead of me on the trail, but always stops at a turn to turn around and see if I’m right behind him. If your dog regularly makes eye contact with you in a new environment, it means that your bond is strong.

Likewise, a tied dog is much less likely to run away. Bonded dogs tend to have strong recall responses, ensuring that their human is there for new situations.

Why My puppy doesn’t get excited to see me – What can you do to help your dog

food and exercise

It would also be helpful to make sure you feed and exercise him most of the time. This should make them pay more attention to you and make you happy.

Make sure he’s not sick or injured

If your dog is showing signs of illness or injury, or is behaving very unusually, it’s best to take him to the veterinarian. This way you can get expert advice tailored to your dog and rule out medical causes.

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