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Why my cat keeps going behind the tv

So today we are talking about Why my cat keeps going behind the tv. This going to be the main topic that we are going to talki about. Cats have some weird habits that might make you wonder what they’re thinking. When they do something you don’t want, they can be annoying. Cats hide behind the TV because it’s probably a combination of loneliness and pure joy to be there. Cats love cables and it’s in their nature to go where they shouldn’t. If disguising isn’t an option, there are things you can do, like neatly attach the cables.

Why my cat keeps going behind the tv – Why does my cat sleep in front of the TV?

It sounds strange to people, but cats love to curl up and sleep in front of the TV. Why does your cat refuse his comfortable bed on TV? 


Cats like a nice, warm place to sleep, just like people. Cats prefer slightly warmer temperatures than we do, so it’s only natural that they seek out places warmer than room temperature. Because of this, you may see your cat sleeping in the sunlight streaming through the window. That’s why they sleep in front of the TV.


When your cat is sleeping, he is most vulnerable. Of course, they are safe in their house, but they always have the instinct to sleep in a safe place. This can cause them to make the bed behind your TV. It feels safe and private, which makes it perfect for sleeping.

Why does my cat sleep in front of the TV?

Cats sleep in front of the TV because they are warm, comfortable and cosy there. Why does my cat sleep in front of the TV. Cats, like us, love to sleep in a nice, warm place. Cats like warmer environments than humans; it is therefore normal to look for places with temperatures above room temperature.

For this reason, you may notice your cat napping under a ray of sunlight streaming through the window. That’s why they sleep in front of the TV. Your cat is more receptive while sleeping. As long as they are safe in your home, they have an instinct to sleep somewhere safe.

How to prevent a cat from going behind the TV?

The best defence against cats doing anything is distraction. Toys can keep them busy and they can get bored watching TV and then stop. Otherwise, odour repellents work well for cats.

  • Cats are actually very sensitive to smells, and if they don’t like their smell, they’ll probably leave you alone. You can also use double-sided tape, as many cats don’t like the feel of tape on their paws.
  • Certain citrus-type odours that repel cats may also help. Chances are those wires behind your TV look really funny, so it’s worth considering some new toys for your bored cat.
  • Why does my cat stand behind the TV and meow?
  • When your cat does this, it’s a sign of insecurity or stress. They want your attention and you give it your all on TV, so they have a lot to say about that. Cats talk when they’re stressed, so if your cat is doing this, he’s definitely trying to get your attention.
  • See if he responds well to a little play or petting, and the extra attention will likely calm your cat down and make him a little calmer.

If you’ve just adopted a new pet, your cat may be showing you that she’s stressed, and you might also find it helpful to install a “baby gate” on one of the room’s doors. This way your cat will have a safer place than behind the TV and can get some space from the new pet.

Why do cats make noises when they jump

Finally, you can try simply turning off the TV. If your cat stops meowing with you, she definitely needs some attention.

Why does my cat follow the TV when I move it?

Your cat is curious to see what you’re doing, and this spot just happens to have the best view. Although it’s harmless, if you want your cat to stop doing this, apply double-sided tape. So basically cats don’t like the touch of their paws as well. And usually they will stop going to the area you taped after stepping on it. Be patient with the process, and after walking the strip a few times most cats will be frustrated enough to avoid it.

Why my cat keeps going behind the tv – Why is my cat jumping on my TV?

Your cat often does this because television is the easiest way to get where he wants to go. If there’s a stall nearby where your cat likes to go, chances are it is. You can reduce the temptation by buying a “cat tower” that gives them easy access to where they’re trying to get to, and that should keep TV tours to a minimum. If not, it might be time to try a little tape on the TV and that should discourage them enough to find another way to the counter.

This is the end of the article about Why my cat keeps going behind the tv. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. I will bring a new article soon as possible. See you soon bye.

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