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What does a dog do that a man steps into house

So today we are talking about what does a dog do that a man steps into house. So we going to explain how dogs will react when someone step into house. There few ways that some dogs will react someone come to your home. Another thing is we can’t predict how dogs will react. The reaction of the dog is totally natural. Most dogs react depends on how they were grown pup to an adult dog. Mostly dog’s habits can be changed by the way you taking care of. So I’m trying to tell that if you make your dog in soft background. Like you introduce your dog to more people and let. Or if you don’t let your dog to bark at people. Your dog might don’t mind when a stranger comes to home. So I’m saying that all depend on how you control your dog.

So I’m not telling that you don’t need to love your dog. Or take a good care of the dog. You need to do all of that but to strangers don’t let your dog be go soft on them. So let me explain so you might have experiences with these. So a completely new stranger comes to your house then your dog start to wag his tail. That’s actually not a good thing to happen isn’t I’m right. Or mostly in some cases dogs get scared and try to hide from stranger. Some dogs also hide their tail when they see completely new strangers. That means they are scared of strangers and they don’t want to be around them. So you don’t want your dog to bark at people when you guys on a walk. But you need make your dog bark at strangers when they comes to your house.

What does a dog do that a man steps into house

So let’s see more about this kind of situations what your dog need to do. So we going to take example like what your dog need to when an intruder comes to your home. Intruder means completely unknown stranger that can come to your house. Either he can be burglar or someone else. Burglar is someone that we don’t want in our houses. So what your dog need to do when a burglar comes to your house. Defiantly you don’t want your dog to get injured. And also we don’t want our houses to get damaged by burglar as well. If your dog try to hide because he scared of the thief that’s actually not good. If your dog get panic in these situations he can easily hurt himself. So you need to train your dog handle these situations. Your dog need be good at these situation as well.

How your dog need to act when there is an intruder

Basically when your dog is loyal and well trained they can prevent an intruder attack easily. Mainly your dog need to be loyal to your family. If he’s good with everyone else he cannot defend your house. A loyal dog knows that he need to defend where he lives. And he knows if someone else other than the family enters that they can be harmful to his family. So how your dog can prevent an intruder attack let’s see about that. So what will prevent your home getting attacks from burglars. First thing is barking at right time. So basically if your dog sense there is an intruder and he barks. That can scare the intruder and make him go away from your house. Another thing is if you get attacked one of best things that loyal dog will do is bite the attacker. That can save your life.

Top 3 loyal guard dogs

Bullmastiff dogs

So these guys are in the top of the list when it comes to loyal dogs. And these guys are also well known for guard dogs. Another thing that these dogs are known all around world is for their physical strength. Bullmastiff’s protective instincts are on top of the chart. And also these guys are very courage’s if someone comes between his families he will unconditionally will choose protect them. They are very loyal to their family as well. One of the most loyal type of dogs. They basically use their strength to knock off intruders. Most people think that these guys are not household pets. But actually these guys are very good household pets. They are not aggressive over their family members.

Doberman pinscher

So basically these guys good for guarding large territories. If you have large landscape to protect the best dog is Doberman pinscher. Mainly because they are so fast and very accurate. If an intruder jumps into your property and they try to run from the dogs. With these guys they don’t even have a chance to escape. It will only take few seconds for Doberman pinscher to reach the intruder and knock him down. And also these guys are very smart type of dogs. They are fearless and one of the most loyal dogs from other breeds.


So now we going to talk about komondor dogs breed. Or you can say Hungarian sheep dog. Basically these guys are used to protect sheep herds. So these guys have naturally guard dog instincts. Don’t get fooled by these dogs look they are very aggressive toward intruders. And also very well known for their loyalty. These guys are the one of the most loyal dog breed. These guys are also a good family pet type dog and very courage’s.

So we talked about what does a dog do that a man steps into house. I think you got a good idea for this. And I’m going to end the article right here. See you soon.

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