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What to feed stray cats besides cat food

What to feed stray cats besides cat food. We all love cats we all care about stray cats too. They are also cute animals. Basically we feed our stray cats too. But the way that we feed them is correct or not. What actually can we feed them. What food are they used to. So lets see. When dealing with a stray cat, you want to make sure it is indeed a stray cat and not just a cat that is wandering but has been pushed back. Look for obvious signs like collars and tags. Stray dogs tend to have more scars and bruises. Another indicator is that they are almost never neutered.

What to feed stray cats besides cat food – How to Feed Stray Cats Without Cat Food

However, this is not always foolproof as more and more cats are having microchips implanted under their skin and they may not see anything identifiable. Either way, even your own cat gets lost from time to time and may still need your help. It is handled with care and adapts to all needs. First, probably the food.

What to feed stray cats besides cat food – What to Do and What Not to Do

If you’ve decided it’s a stray cat or decided to feed it just in case, you might be wondering how to feed a stray cat without cat food. Luckily, you probably already have plenty at home that will work for your diet. It’s a long-held myth that cats love milk. Although they drink it, they actually lack the enzymes needed to process standard store-bought milk. It is better to avoid thinking of a bowl of milk as the best solution. It is best to provide a dish of clean water and solid food. Milk is only appropriate if the stray cat is a very young kitten only then is a specialized formula used. Try drip feeding him with a syringe, if that doesn’t work, use your finger. 

Kittens need extra care and should be taken to a professional as soon as possible. Breastfed kittens who live away from their mother need a special formula to reproduce their mother’s milk. In some cases, they must be re homed with another new cat. If you have to feed a stray cat without cat food, you’re probably digging through your cupboards for what you consider sub optimal dog food. It’s not a good idea. Although similar, pet foods are specifically formulated for the stomach of the animal for which they are suited. Levels such as amino acids, proteins allow them to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Most vegetables and fruits are not good

Some people think that stray cats can only be given vegetables and fruits, which is not the best option. A hungry cat will eat anything, of course, but cats are consummate carnivores. Foods like tomatoes and potatoes can cause gastrointestinal problems. When thinking about what to feed a stray cat without cat food, you should think about protein. Check out our comprehensive guide to human foods cats can eat to find out which vegetables and fruits are good for cats to eat in moderation. Common sense suggests that if you plan to feed a stray cat without cat food, you can use tuna or sardines. This is appealing on many levels. 

Give tuna

Tuna is simple and common in our cupboards. It is also an ingredient or flavoring in many commercial cat foods. It has a pungent odor, which can entice a nervous stray cat to eat or guide a weakened cat to the food dish. Many people use tuna first to attract cats. If he hesitates to approach you, be patient. Also, try to use the most natural tuna possible. Some cans or packets of tuna tend to be very salty which is not a good thing. Tuna can be given to stray dogs when you have nothing else in your cupboard. Tuna can be used for this if you have nothing else to feed stray cats, but avoid too often!

What to feed stray cats besides cat food – Chicken beef and other meat

A good option is simply cooked chicken. Make sure it’s free of additives and flavorings, and you can also add white rice or even plain scrambled eggs to the dish. Sure, some cats will eat raw meat, but it’s best to feed them something that’s cooked and free of potential bacteria.

What to feed stray cats besides cat food – What to feed stray cats

As with all of these options, you should try them with caution. If you don’t know the cat’s history or eating habits, you certainly don’t want to upset a delicate stomach. Yes, egg white rice, sweet potatoes are good. Plain rice and scrambled eggs are a quick fix for a hungry stray cat. For Fluffy Kitty you can add pumpkin or sweet potatoes to help soothe your cat’s stomach and aid digestion. Often when people are choosing what to feed feral cats, they are offering something rather than nothing.

You might think that’s no big deal because the cat lives outside and has to pick up litter boxes and litter anyway. The truth is that doing this ends up doing more harm than good. Do not feed cats processed human foods. Either way, if you’re planning on keeping this cat for a while, you definitely need to invest in a balanced and appropriate cat food. This is to ensure that the cat meets its nutritional needs. To do this, see our detailed guide to cat nutrition.

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