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Why do stray cats rub against your legs

Do you ever thought “why do stray cats rub against your legs?” It does not matter “yes or no” we are ready to give you more details about this question. Cats are very close animals to humans. Therefore most people would like to keep cats as their pets indoors. But sometimes you can see stray cats that are staying in public places. They are finding their lost love and affection because they will miss their owner. Did you ever meet a stray cat? So, you may have experience with stray cats. Keep reading with us and collect all the details.

Why do stray cats rub against your legs?

Here you have there are few reasonable things for “why do stray cats rub against your legs?” The first thing is that, rubbing against from stary cat to you is a simple thing that you should understand well. You should pay your kind attention to them. As well as not only cats but also, we can see from other animals. This is only one of their behaviors among many numbers of habits and unique behaviors of cats.

1] The method of marking the territory

Why do stray cats rub against your legs? As the first thing we can mention here, it will be a sign of marking the territory. Usually, stray cats do have not more love and affection. Therefore they will try to make sure of their affection and mark their area while rubbing your legs. They will ask positive reaction from you by rubbing their head or face on your legs. This is the rule that uses by stray community cats. While running around your leg, they will rub their cheeks more.

2] Showing their love

This is another reason to stary cats rub against your legs. When you show your love for that cat, it will reply to you by rubbing its head or cheeks on your legs. This is a common thing for pets. As well in that case they will ask for your kindness and love to feel their safety. Further, it will be a message to you about the entire environment is a very suitable place to live them. When they have love from you, they will make sure of the place.

3] They will ask for foods

Not only the above reasons but we think it will be a request to ask some foods also. When stray cats do not have enough foods to eat, they will rub their body on your legs. After grabbing your attention by rubbing, they think that it is the best time to request food. So, this may be a unique way for stray cats and even stray dogs.

4] They will judge you

Usually, stray cats have less chance to take your attention. Further, it will create some risks for them even. Therefore, they need some method to take your attention well. But they will feel scared in that movements. So, these are methods that stray cats are using to judge you well. After they rub their face on your leg, they can check your reaction. If you give a positive reaction and return, they will get the decision to stay near you. Next, it is time to ask for some food from you. When you take them away soon, they will not consider it a safe place.

5] Manipulation

Why do stray cats rub against your legs? They are making sure their living methods are with humans by doing this behavior. Stray cats have hard moments to make sure of their security and get food. Therefore, they should think more about the manipulation. After rubbing their head on your leg, they will try to build a strong bond with you. So here you have a huge responsibility to understand that well.

What do you do when a stray cat rubs against your legs?

Above we gave you there is most familiar reason stray cat rub their head on your legs. So now we say you the things that you should do when they are doing this. As the first thing, you should understand their language and silent messages. It will be hard to understand their feelings, but we think when you have pre-awareness of this, you can pay attention even a little bit. Next, try to maintain this behavior from stray cats.

Not only that but we suggest you, wait for a strong connection also in that time. You do not vulnerable and give them little chance to make a strong connection. By waiting a few minutes you can control this. Further, in those times, you can touch them. But keep in mind to avoid undesirable parts of them because they do not like that. According to the research, we think that stray cats prefer to touch their forehead more.

Can you stop the stray cat from rubbing against your leg?

While considering the reason for stray cats rub against your legs, we think give you some tips to stop it. As the main thing, you should give them their necessary things such as affection, water or food. After understanding the above reasons you can know what they need more. Unlike your pet cat, stray cats may not have enough food for a long time. Therefore you can give your attention to them. After you gave enough food for them, they will be on their way to safety. They will not disturb you again when they received their needs.

Why do stray cats rub against your legs? Bottom line

We are discussing until now the most important pet lesson on “why do stray cats rub against your legs?” So now you may have full awareness of this behavior from stray cats. However finally we suggest you, all the animals should have care from you. Sometimes they will not find out their food themselves. So, they will request you to supply their needs. In those moments, your attention and affection are the most suitable ladder to stay happy.

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