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Why does cats licks others ears

So Why does cats licks others ears. We all encountered our beloved cat comes to us and start to lick your ears. And we always wondered why do they do this. So im going to explain why they really do this.  Dogs often draw all the attention with their clever sniffers, but the truth is that cats also have a highly developed olfactory system that allows them to detect all kinds of things with their cute little noses. However, it can be a bit confusing when those cute button noses lead kitties to things we humans don’t naturally think we can smell. Especially ears and the things that can stick out of them.

What is the earwax that worries some cats so much. The simplest explanation, with little scientific evidence. Is that earwax smells good to kittens. If you think about it, earwax doesn’t actually smell bad.If it does, you should check it out. It’s just made up of dead skin cells, fatty acids. Since cats are attracted to and live off of animal protein. This combination, whether it’s your ears, your dog’s ears, or another cat’s, is a source of protein for them.

Why does cats licks others ears – Why does cats licks others ears – taste buds

Since kitties only have about 500 taste buds and humans have between 2,000 and 5,000 taste buds. Their taste buds are different from ours. For example, cats do not taste “sweet”. So if you have a kitty who loves cake icing. He’s more likely to be attracted to the fat than the sweetness of the sugar. To compensate for their lack of taste buds, cats have developed a keen sense of smell to help them eat.

Although cats have fewer olfactory receptors than dogs. They are probably better at discriminating odors. This was a quote from expert of clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Bio medicine . While some might argue that this proves that cats are more picky than dogs when it comes to what they eat. You know, poop. For example, it shows that cats use their noses, not their tongues, for taste. So anything that smells like fat and protein is delicious for cats, whether it’s a can of cat food or, in this case, earwax-covered earplugs.

Adhesive behavior

OK i will explain some thing that i always explain to my patients. let me explain some of their behavior. If you’ve ever seen cats groom themselves. You’ve probably noticed that they spend a lot of time in each other’s ears. It’s not just tasty earwax, grooming creates a stronger bond between cats and their loved ones. If your cat is about to clean your ears. He probably won’t tell you that he has dirty ears. But simply that there is something good in your ears.

While you may or may not find it cute. It’s generally not a good idea to let your cat do it. Cat saliva contains bacteria and you don’t want scratches and tears, not to mention many cats have bad breath. Also, despite the common belief that cat dander causes allergies, it is the protein in cat saliva that causes cat allergies in nearly two-thirds of people. So if you or someone else who likes to bite their ears is allergic to a kitty, you can give your kitty a little smile, find something better to lick, or give her one of the cat toys.

Why does cats licks others ears – Does my cat have earwax?

Cats do have earwax, but their ears clean themselves, which is helpful because you don’t have to clean your kitty’s ears unless you notice a strange smell or color. In some cases, it can be a ton of dirt, but other things can be more serious, like a tick infection. Ear infections aren’t as common in cats as they are in dogs, notes the VCA Animal Hospital, so if you’re concerned, bring in a kitty and get it checked out. Once your vet can examine your cat, he will be able to tell you if and how to clean his ears. The folks at PetMD even have a helpful guide if you need a refresher.

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Why does cats licks others ears – What can I do to prevent my cat from eating earwax?

Get a lidded or flip-top trash can for your bathroom a lidded trash can will keep kitties out or throw away your disposable items. It is recommended not to remove the used ear plugging. But also to protect them from objects that are dangerous in cases of ingestion, such as dental floss, used ear plugs or the products contained in them. essential oils. Creative Storage  Keep things like earplugs out of your cat’s reach when you’re not using them. Don’t forget to clean them, because earplugs are causing more and more ear infections in humans. Redirect the behavior: If you can’t get kitty away from your ears, try redirecting the behavior by having both tasty and smelly treats on hand. Use them to keep it away from your ears when it sniffs or licks. I hope she thinks these are tastier options.

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