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Why is my cat digging on my bed simple issue – Explained

Now we are talking about why is my cat digging on my bed. Im going to explain this simly and easily to you in this article. Does your cat dig into your bed every time you go to bed? This is sometimes confused with kneading, which consists of gently scratching sheets and blankets when they need petting or when they are homesick due to their kitten status. Digging, on the other hand, means that the cat wants to play with you. Maybe Kitty hasn’t had enough play time during the day and she just wants to have fun with you. Male cats also burrow into blankets and pillows because they remind them of their mother, especially during the breeding season. There is nothing to worry about because this is not harmful behavior. But since they can disturb your sleep.

Sometimes it may be different. Cats are known to be curious creatures. They are always exploring their surroundings and playing with anything that catches their attention. This can often lead cats to play pranks, such as rummaging through trash cans or scratching furniture. In some cases, cats may even begin to dig into the beds. While there may be a number of reasons why your cat does this, it’s important to address the issue as it could be a sign that something is wrong. Or sometimes when your cat scratches the sheets, notice how aggressive she is. If it’s just a bit of digging, then they’re probably handy. More aggressive digging is usually done to get your attention, which means your cat wants you to stay awake.

Why is my cat digging on my bed simple issue – reasons why a cat digs


Cats are affectionate animals. And as cat owners, you must find time every day to play with them, cuddle them, or even groom them. When they crave petting, cats will begin to rumple your bare fur or gently scratch your bedding with their outstretched claws. As mentioned above, the bed sometimes reminds cats of their mother’s affection when they were kittens. Then they will dig into your bed to remember that feeling. This habit is common when the breeding season begins. They will also scratch softly, creating space for you to sleep. Aggressive digging is also a way of expressing the need for affection.

To Hide food

It is normal for cats to dig to hide food. Wild cats may have developed this habit of masking their scent from predators. Nursing cats also buried their food to prevent predators from finding their young. But if your cat is digging around in or around the food bowl, chances are she’s not interested in the food and is looking for something tastier. They can still return to eating later. Cats also have scent glands around their paws as well. This way they can mark the area around the bowl to make sure other cats or animals don’t touch the food.

Why is my cat digging on my bed – Exercise and hunting

Cats need daily exercise. In fact, some of them have high energy levels and some are genetically predisposed to obesity. If you are not around to play with them, they may dig holes in your yard or even start chasing mice and bugs. They may begin to display their large hunting traits by sniffing the scent of prey and hiding its scent to catch them by surprise. In addition, cats are among the best hunters.


Stress brings out the worst in cats. They may try to hide this so they don’t become an easy target for predators. But they can show it by adopting destructive habits like digging, scratching, running, and other harmful behavioural problems.

Scratching posts

Scratching posts provide a safer place for cats to scratch. This helps them maintain their ideal nail length and keeps them busy when they get too bored. You can also sprinkle catnip on the cat tree to keep your cat entertained and away from your bed or furniture.

Why is my cat digging on my bed 

Some cats do well indoors, but most cat breeds need time outside. This gives you time to explore, hunt, dig and get in shape. Digging and scratching may be their behavior when they are not released when they want. To make sure they’re safe, you can always look and leave the door open for when they need to get in quickly.

Give him few gus

If he’s still digging into your bed while he has the scratching post, you may need to show him some affection. As soon as he starts digging into your bed, you can take him in your arms and start hugging him until he falls asleep.

Play with the cat

You don’t have to press hard on a cat to scratch it. You can involve them in fun games to tire them out before bed. For example, create a routine in which you play a certain game and associate it with going to bed. So every time you play this game, they will be doing other non-destructive activities. You can also put the cat on the ground as soon as it starts digging. It can be tiring because you want to sleep, but eventually they will come. If you do this when they’re kittens, they’ll grow up knowing it’s wrong to dig into your bed. You can also teach them that when you say “NO” they should stop what they are doing.

Why is my cat digging on my bed – let it be uncomfortable to them

Some of these tips may not apply to your bed, but we have found that cats can dig into flower pots, furniture, and other places.

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