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Why is my cat sleeping so much

Have you ever thought “Why is my cat sleeping so much?” Sometimes you may see changes in your pet cat. So today we are ready to discuss this here. Usually, cats are very friendly animals that can live with humans. They have there are several types of cute behaviors and habits. Most people would like to keep cats as their pets because of these habits of cats. However, sometimes we should talk about some behavioral changes of them.

Typically cats are great sleepers adult cats sleep 12 to 16 hours per day. They do not consider it to be night or day. In that case, we can identify different stages of cats’ sleeping methods. Among them we can mention here light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. As well as they have different types of adjustable sleeping positions. This will depend on their mood and the place they have. But when they show more sleep than usual it is time to pay your attention because of some reasons.

Why is my cat sleeping so much? Common reasons

When we are considering the common reasons for “why cats sleep all the time” we can identify the good side also the bad side of this habit. When they do not have health issues, their sleeping duration will not show a bad side. But if they have some underlying health issues, it is time to take them for treatment. Now we will show you the common reason here.

The nature of them

Why does my kitten sleep so much? We think it will be the natural skill of them. Usually, kittens are sleeper than adults. As well as your cat will walk throughout the night and hunt. Therefore, sometimes they will sleep during the day to rest and take more active at night. They are believing that day sleeping can give them more energy to increase their hunting skills. Then they can be ready for the next hunting task well.


Bored cats are most like to sleep a lot. When they are staying alone it is time to sleep well. They are spending time sleeping during those times. At that time, you do not worry about that because it is the usual thing. But when they have stress for some reason, it will lead to making deep sleeping for your cat more times. So, when you identify this sign from your cat, we suggest you play with it for at least 10 minutes once a day. Then you can release the stress.


Age is another reason to sleep your cat so much. Above we noted using kitten. Why does your cat sleep so much when they get old? This is why they have health issues or less the activity level. On the other hand, your adult cat will take a deep sleep before going for a walk. But if your cat is staying active you do not worry about it as it is a normal process. When you see a lethargy all the time from your cat, you should take it to a doctor. Due to their age, older cats may have a lot of health issues. This is why you should get advice from the vet.


Why is my kitten sleeping so much and not eating? We found the reason for that issue. It will be created with feline depression. In that time your cat may not eat and loss of appetite or avoidance. Keep in mind, in such cases, you must take the advice from vet and do not wait. Immediately it is time to find the reason for the depression of your cat. Your doctor will do some tests to identify the reason.

Environmental changes

This is another reason. When you change the environment of your cat, it will make some doubts. They cannot change their place. This is the main reason for sleeping so much. On the other hand, by changing the environment accidentally, it will show more different weather than usual. Then your cat cannot keep comfortably and sleep more. However, in the rainy season, cats will sleep more, and it is not a sad thing.


This is a dangerous thing that you should take some decisions to remove it. If you noted differences in the sleeping style of your cat, you must think about this also. This situation may become from their inhaled or contact with the poison. During that time, we can see signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, pale gums, difficulty breathing, and rejecting foods instead of so much sleeping.

In addition to the above reason, we can mention here other things. Diabetes, arthritis, viral or bacterial infections, and underlying health issues such as kidney disease, and lung disease as the health issues. Obesity or lack of vitamin also show this result further.

What should you do when your cat is sleeping so much?

According to the above details you can identify the reasons for sleeping so much by your cat. Likewise, now we have an idea to give you some instructions to follow when your cat sleeping so much. First, you have a responsibility to check the normal behaviors of your cat. Did you see more changes than usual? Oh, it is time to call for a vet. As well as we suggest do not give new food recipes immediately to your cat because those will create some health issues and your cat will sleep so much uncomfortably.

Why is my cat sleeping so much? Bottom line

We are discussing until now the pet lesson on “Why is my cat sleeping so much?” Now we invite you, to try to give your attention always to your pet cat because they need more attention. You should follow their sleeping patterns, eating patterns, playing patterns, and other patterns. Then you can identify their problems and take the most suitable decisions. Cats are always looking for your love and affection while playing with them. This is the point that you must understand well.

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