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Why you don’t want to awake a sleeping cat

Why you don’t want to awake a sleeping cat. There are many reasons that why you need to let your cat sleep peacefully. I will give my explanation to you guys. And some ways to wake them up correctly. Our cats spend a lot of time sleeping. Cats rest or sleep intermittently during the day and often prefer to sleep in a warm, comfortable, elevated, and secure place. One of the main reasons our cats like to sleep is to maintain their energy levels. A tired, low-energy cat can’t hunt or defend itself, so it’s important to get it enough sleep to make sure it’s fully awake and ready for anything. Although our meerkats don’t put much effort into finding food, they still have the natural instinct to sleep a lot. Plus, your cat will love playing and exploring all day, which takes a lot of energy.

Why you don’t want to awake a sleeping cat – Does my cat sleep too much?

It is natural for cats to sleep a lot. Sometimes they sleep 10 minutes before waking up and other times they sleep longer. If you notice your cat sleeping more than usual, or possibly hiding more, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to make sure there are no major health issues. You can read more about how cats hide in our guide. Kittens and older cats can sleep more than the average adult cat. Indeed, your cat uses a lot of energy to grow, so he needs more sleep to recharge his body. Older cats sleep more, like kittens, they get tired faster. Their body needs more rest because more physical activity requires more effort on their part.

My cats are shaking in their sleep, are they dreaming?

Often when we think our cats are sleeping, they are actually still very attentive to their surroundings. You can see how they move their ears or wag their tail when looking for some kind of danger. It’s a natural instinct, so even though your cat and dog are safely tucked away in your home, their brains will tell them to watch out for any threats. When your cat is sleeping soundly, you may notice twitching of the mouth or paws. It’s completely normal, probably because they’re sleeping.

Why you don’t want to awake a sleeping cat – Where should your cat sleep?

Cats usually nap wherever they want, the main thing is that the place where they settle is warm and comfortable. There are a variety of cat beds to choose from, such as an igloo bed or a hammock with a heater, or you can put a cardboard box on the side with a soft blanket inside. Hide & Sleep provides the perfect place for cats to sleep because they can choose to be in or on anything. You can read more about how to choose the best bed on our blog. You will find that cats often change their preferred sleeping areas. This behavior can be observed in African wild cats, descendants of our domestic cats. They will find a safe spot in their territory and rotate that spot to keep pest levels low. They usually scratch when they wake up to stretch their muscles and keep their claws.

Stages of sleep

Recognize the stages of sleep. It is generally acceptable to wake a sleeping cat. However, two phases of sleep are important to cat health rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-rapid eye movement sleep, also known as deep sleep. If a cat is deprived of these stages of sleep, it may become irritable or lethargic. If you think your cat is in REM or deep sleep, you can ask him to do it.

REM sleep usually precedes deep sleep. The cat may move slightly and its eyes may twitch. Your face or body may move or twitch slightly. During deep sleep, your cat remains virtually motionless and seems relaxed. Your cat will be very calm and lie down in a comfortable position. He may lie down or curl up and not react quickly to noise or disturbances. 

Cats need more sleep than most mammals. REM sleep and deep sleep are important for the cat’s immune system as well as for body repair and regeneration. It is recommended to keep the cat in these sleeping phases unless you feel an absolute need to move it. 

Why you don’t want to awake a sleeping cat – Pressing lightly

Although cats sleep a lot, they are not always in REM or deep sleep. As a rule, cats sleep a little during the day. During this sleep, cats are still adapting to their environment. It is an ancient survival mechanism that helps feral cats stay away from predators and threats while sleeping during the day. In most cases, a sleeping cat can be easily roused by light pressure. You can try lightly brushing the cat’s head or the tips of the ears. Try to keep your touch light. Remember that cats are light sleepers to protect themselves from predators. You want to make sure your cat doesn’t view you as a potential threat. If you must move the cat, try to move it as soon as it moves. Cats tend to fall asleep quickly as soon as there is no real threat. Once you’ve woken your cat, get him off the couch or lift him up to move him around.

Why you don’t want to awake a sleeping cat – Noise

If your cat tends to be frightened, he may bite or scratch if you touch him while he sleeps. Instead, try making a little sound. Whistling or humming is the best thing that you can do to wake up your cat. As with touching it, you need to gently wake the cat from its sleep, not startle it. Try calm and relaxing sounds. You don’t have to yell at a cat to wake it up. Cats don’t like to scream. If you yell at your cat often, he might get scared and start avoiding you.

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