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Dog crate in bedroom or living room

So today we going to talk about dog crate in bedroom or living room best place to put it. There is no one knows what is the best place for crates. Not even a single dog owner knows that. But It all depends on the household and where they stay the most. Thats the key to find good place not the best place.Because the best place to place a dog crate and begin crate training is a area that your dog likes. So regardless of how old your dog or puppy is when you begin crate training. And best to do is  keep him in the centre of the house. Or you can say where everyone else is.And also this may mean the bedroom or the living room, or it may even mean the kitchen or dining area. It can be anywhere that also others in as well. 

By doing that way, your dog will still feel like he is part of the family. That will makes him happy. And at ease knowing he’s around his loved ones and he knows hes safe.Also don’t place them in an isolated areas of the house. Because this can make them feel alienated or they are trapped and alone. In your house that can give them anxiety. Also Remember, the crate and the training process isn’t a punishment to your dog. And if you  locked away them by their own. These little guys will feel punished and isolated for something that they did. This will affect their trust and relationship with you and the family. That can end badly from your dog’s side. He will be afraid to even sit next to you guys. That’s another reason why you shouldn’t lock away your dogs.so lets talk more about this.

Dog crate in bedroom or living room

So If you don’t stay in the bedroom for too long and like lounging in the living area. Also with your family as well. So actually then the living room may be the best place for crate training. Because your dog feels good with everyone and you also don’t have doubts about him. By the way, if you are living alone and prefer staying in bed all day without others. So then the bedroom is the best optional location to give your dog some comfort while in the crate. That way you even can bond with the dog too.

With that in mind, you must avoid placing the crate in areas with a lot of foot traffic, which can bother or aggravate them (lots of sounds and activity can stress them or make them want to play!). Meaning, the hallways or entrance of the house won’t cut it.but what if you don’t like when you dog in your room. What can you do.So it’s best to start with the bedroom or living room still unfortunately. Because there no other places. Mainly  this gives them safety and security being near their family. Even boost your dogs confidence too. Mainly if it is their first few days in a new and strange house.

Also You can begin crate training from herein the start. and slowly start moving the crate every few days around your house. Basically to the area you want them to sleep in. So you can Move the crate further away every few nights. Only until it reaches the area you want them to sleep in at the night. So this method will keep them comfortable instead of having them sleep alone immediately when they aren’t used to it. So now we can move into the next topic.

Moving the crate

So now i will explain more about moving the crate. So if Can’t decide whether to place the dog crate in the living room or bedroom. Now You might be wondering if you can move the dog crate from room to room. Sometimes or even in the car when you’re going to travel to the vet or other areas.

But luckily it’s fine to move dog crates around in your house depending on where everyone is at that time. So This is why it’s best way to move the dog crate to the bedroom. When you’re at night while you’re sleeping. Basically, so your dog feels they are in the safe company while resting too. Additionally you’ll be able to hear your dog if they uncomfortable or they in needs. For  to do their business.

And also during the day, you should place the crate in areas you are in by the way. Mostly the living room or kitchen at the time. But If it’s too much of a hassle moving the crates around your house. By the way you can always buy a second dog crate if you have the budget for that. So When you are at home and you can monitor your dog, keep them in the same room you are in.better in a dog crate or on their leash. that is to prevent them from making a mess.

So today we talked about dog crate in bedroom or living room. Im going to wrap it up hear. See you soon.

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