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What’s dog’s favorite color? Explained

So today we going to talk about what’s dog’s favorite color is. This is bit complicated because there are lot of things to talk about dogs vision. This is question that most dog owners have does their dogs can see colors. Does their dogs even has a color that they like these kind of questions. So we going to talk about it today I will explain everything you should know simply. Most people think that dogs can’t see colors they only can see black and white. Reason for this is scientist said dogs only see black and white. They don’t have vision like humans that was the scientist statement for long time. That’s why people also believed that fogs only see black and white. But the thing is sometimes dogs act like they can see colors. So scientist start farther more experiments on dog’s vision can dogs see colors.

As a result recently scientist discovered that dogs also can see colors. That’s mean the black and white theory is a myth it’s actually not true. Scientist recent theory is dogs and also cats can see colors. Scientist discovered that the perception of the color is determined by the presence of cells in their eye. It called cone photoreceptors you can search more about this by doing your own research. So another question that people have is can doge see TV. Yes they can see TV you can most dogs enjoy watching TV. They see things differently on TV because they’re vision is not high as humans. Dogs mostly get attracted to the motion on the TV that moving little things can get there intention. They also get attracted to the sounds that coming from the TV. So let’s talk more about dog’s favorite colors little bit further.

What’s dog’s favorite color and how to find it?

So let’s see about the main topic that we going to talk further more in this article. So most dogs see their world mainly through there smell. But they love to see all these things through their eyes. They actually watch all around the world with their eyes. As humans we know what colors that we like or we can ask someone what color they like. But we can’t ask a dog what color do you like. We need look from their perspective to understand that. Dogs are more sensitive with these colors blue and yellow. Most dogs distinguish these colors as their favorite colors. Because they are the colors that they can clearly see more than other colors. Level of the color that dogs can see is decided by the number of cones they have in their eyes. Humans have more cones than dogs.

Dogs have two cones that is less than humans because we have three cones. That’s make us see a wider vision than the dogs. The vision of the dogs and humans are very different we can see every single color. But dogs only can see few colors clearly others are shades of those colors. Most recent theory is that dogs also can see light and dark as we see. But their vision is sharper in the dark than humans. That makes plus one score for dogs. I said dogs only have two cones the red Frisbee will be the same to them if it was yellow. Dogs are more near sighted they can’t see long range clearly. They can detect movements faster than us in the dark or dim lights. Dogs have more advantage than humans in the dark. Let’s see how you can understand your dog’s favorite color.

How to find dog’s favorite color

As I say yellow and blue is considered as dog’s favorite color because they see those colors more. But let’s see about this more explained way. For a fact dogs see more colors than two colors in the world. But the difference is they don’t see purple, red and pinks as same as we see it. They see a different shade of color from those colors and few more. So one of the ways that you can find your dog’s favorite color is by toys. Give him some toys with different colors and observe what he likes the most. Toy that he spend more time is the color that his eyes catch the most. If your dog attracted to a flower don’t think that he likes the color of it. All ways remember that dogs also have extremely sharp smell. He might like the smell more than the color.

Which color is good for a dog toy?

So now let’s see how you can find a dog good color toy for your pet dog. Firstly you might noticed that all dogs’ toys are mostly the same color. That because of those are not made for catch dogs eyes they are made to catch human eyes. Because dog are not the buyers of the items humans are the buyers.  So toy manufactures mainly focus humans not dogs. Dogs actually doesn’t care of the color of the toy they will start to play with it anyway. But the thing is if you know what color your dog likes. You can buy the thing that you dog most love. Or you can take you dog to the pet toy shop and buy him what he likes. He will choose the best thing that he likes.

Dog will surely go for the color that he likes. Because they only goes for the things that their eye catch. By doing this you can understand what your dog want as toys. So try this with your fog and keep your dog happy.

So today we talked about what’s dog’s favorite color. I think you got the idea that I’m giving you so see you soon with another article. Bye

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