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Going out with wife first time with a dog

So this article is all for dog lovers that paired up recently or got married recently. And your partner never had a dog before. So let’s talk about going out with wife first time with a dog. Or what do you need to do when situation like this happen. For example having wife never had a dog before. Having dog in your early time in your relationship is lovely. It can help you a lot when a pet come to a relationship. As a companion or as friend in your relationship dogs can help you out in lot of ways. But this always not going to work out. You’re with someone that never had a dog before. She might be get scared when see your dog. Dog also be confused when see her for first time so you need to make sure that this will not happen.

Going out with wife first time with a dog- how to avoid the confusion

So let’s see how you can avoid the confusion between your wife and your dog. So let’s see how you can make your wife comfortable with your dog. If wife seeing your dog for first time make sure your dog is leashed or in safe hands. Or you can tell your wife before that you have a dog. Next you need to make her mind that he’s friendly. And you need prep your house before bring your wife to meet your dog for first time. Clean your house and make sure that your dog’s mess is cleaned. And pet your dog when you too got to the house. And tell your wife how good is your dog and he will make her happy. Tell her that he will be the best friend of her. By doing this you can avoid the confusion of your partner she will be happy.

For next let’s see how you can avoid the confusion of your dog. So your dog is used to live with you and if he might also never seen your partner before. It might get bit confusing to him to understand who she is. So you need help him to understand. If your dog sees your partner for first time he will bark and growl. That will scare your partner so you need leash your dog and give someone to hold him. Next pet your dog and calm your dog but don’t let your partner pet him. Next give your partner some treats and tell her to feed your dog. Let them gain trust on each other after you know that they trust each other let your partner pet him. And they will gain trust at each other eventually. It so easy to do not that hard.

Why your dog get attached to your partner more than you

This is something that actually happens with the time. Your partner might never had a dog before but with the time they will become more buddies. Why this will happen why will your dog spend more time with your partner more than you. Basically your partner never had dogs and this is her first dog. Because of that she will love him unconditionally. He will become her best friend and she will treat him more specially. Dogs can feel emotions your and he will understand that she love him more. And he will feel loved and protected with her. So he will spend more time with her more than you. You might notice that your dog is getting jealous when she’s with you. That’s natural because no one likes to see their best friends with someone else. So you don’t want be sad he loves you too.

For another reason is emotional cues as I say dogs know emotions and they also can feel them. Dogs are do intelligent you need to understand that. If you dog spend more time with your partner some times because she might sad. Or your dog knows that she need somebody. Dog can understand his owner’s emotions. If your partner is a needier person your dog will hang with her more. If your dog follows your partner everywhere that means he think your partner needs protection. These are natural instincts that you don’t want to worry too much.

How to get your dog love you again or love both of us same

So you think that your dog loves your partner more than you. That actually not true your dog loves you too. But he likes more time spending with your partner. So let’s see how to get your dog to spend more time with you. First thing that you need do is start spending more time with your dog. Play more with your dog pet him every time you see him. Let your dog feel that you’re is protector or he’s safer when he’s with you. Give more treats than your partner gives to your dog. Buy him some toys and play with him. Or you can mainly do is take your dog to walks more with you. That how you can get your dog to be more with you. If you want your dog love both of you same. Do all those step both together that’s the easiest way.

So today we talked about going out with wife first time with a dog. I think you got the idea correctly so I think we will meet again. See you in the next article.

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