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Why Labrador puppy eyes cute top reasons

So today we going to talk about why Labrador puppy eyes cute. You might know that actually puppy’s eyes are so attractive. They are so beautiful that we even can’t take eyes from the. When it comes to puppy eyes all puppies have super cute eyes. Even when dogs aged those eyes still cute and beautiful. I say if someone ask between dog and human who has the cutest eyes. My answer is definitely puppies have the cutest eyes on earth. Those cute puppy eyes can do miracles did you know that. One single look of a puppy can vanish your sadness. They can heal your anxiety by one single look. So aren’t you believe that they do miracles. So from all from the dogs breed we are talking about Labrador puppy eyes. We’re going to talk why they are special and the differences with others.

What is the Labrador puppy eyes specialty

So now we are talking about why Labrador puppy’s eyes are special. So as I say most puppies eyes are beautiful but Labradors have the cutest eyes. You might also agree with me about that statement. Mainly because they are beautiful dog breed and most of the people love them. They have such nice vibe eyes that people can’t even get their eyes off them. And positioning of their eyes also make their eyes so beautiful. The round little eyes they have the perfect shaped eyes with big round eye balls. So now we talked more about why they are cute. But we need have some other things only cute doesn’t make them special. So let’s see why their eyes are so special than others. I will tell the main reason from all of the dog breeds there are few breeds have special eyesight. Labradors are one of them.

More scientific reasons why lab eyes are special.

So we going to look what is the scientific specialty of Labrador’s eyes. We know that every single body part have scientific specialty but what is the specialty of labs eyes. You know labs are one of the most intelligent dog breed. So one of the things is the reaction time. So labs have top reaction time that means their eyes react to surrounding things. Or moving objects way faster than most of the dog breeds. Only few of the dog breeds have this ability and one of them is Labradors. One other thing is labs can be good guard dog if you train them well. If we talk next specialty it is eye sight. As we said lab have a great reaction time that means they have a great eye sight. They have better eyesight than most other breeds because they were bred as retrievers for generations.

So this another reason why Labradors eyes are special. Did you know as human dogs also learn with the time. So did you know that dogs also now know how to communicate. So you might know that dogs like huskies communicate by making noises. But did you know most dog communicate with us by using their eyes. Yes that’s true most dogs communicate with us by using their eyes. So you might notice that your dog making wires eye contacts with you sometimes. That actually they are trying to say something to you. From the all kind of dogs Labradors use this technic perfectly. As I say they are very intelligent dog breed and they are the one that do this perfectly. They make their eyes look like guilty when the need to show you that they are guilty. Like that they communicate with us by using their eyes.

What is the eye color of Labradors are there any rare colors

So this a question that most people have which color is labs eyes are. Most people get confused when it comes to labs eyes. Because basically when labs born their eyes are blue. So people thinks that labs eyes are blue. They think that purebred labs eyes are blue and non-blue eye one are not purebred. But the actual truth is there no blue eyed labs. Labs eyes only blue when they born then it color changes. Purebred labs eyes color are brown, black and yellow only these colors are purebred. The blue eyes only last month or for three weeks after that the eyes will get normal. Or if you have a blue eyed Labrador that means he might has rare genetics. Only 5% of dogs have rare genetics. Or they can be not purebred they can be mixed bred dogs they have different color eyes.

When Labrador pup opens their eyes

So you might not being around when a puppy born. So you might don’t know about when they will open their eyes. Main reason that you might don’t saw a new born pup. Because you can’t adopt one until they get two months old. When the two months done they are opened there eyes. Basically I’m saying that lab pups doesn’t open there eyes until 7-8 weeks. So for the two month their mom must be around them she’s not leaving until they open their eyes. So if you wander what they look like when they are newly born. They look like little fluffy balls they don’t leave their mom for first two months. They will be around their mom and just drink milk and sleep whole day. That’s what lab pup look alike and do when they newly born.

So today we talked about why Labrador puppy eyes cute top reasons. I think you got the idea. So see you soon with another article.

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