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Kitty cat trying to get into tweety’s cage

So kitty cat trying to get into tweety’s cage. Always my patient says that there cats doesn’t like there birds. They always try to harm them. Basically i always say to my patients that natural instinct of cats. First you need to put your birds to safety then give the cat a time to be friend withe him.  Cats hunt birds not because they are malicious.But because Mother Nature programmed them to do so. Chasing, attacking and attacking prey are behaviors that even house cats exhibit daily. Such as chasing lights projected on walls or playing with feathered toys and mice.

Although your cat does not have to eat its own dinner. It is still a natural hunter and its predatory behavior may change from game to real prey when live prey is conveniently located in the same house. In the Looney Tunes cartoon. Tracey Bird doesn’t mind being caught by Sylvester; he like us knows he is going to run away. However, in real life, pet birds are not always so sure of their safety and can become very nervous if kept by cats who see them as potential food. The psychological trauma caused by being stalked, slapped and attacked can create an unhealthy environment even for a caged bird; after all, your bird doesn’t know that the cage bars will keep your cat from getting caught.

Kitty cat trying to get into tweety’s cage – Experts Source

According to veterinary sources, stress can have several negative effects on birds, including immune system suppression and impaired feather growth. A bird hunted in a cage imitates a life or death situation each time it encounters a cat: the bird’s instinct tells it to run, but the cage does not allow it. And this threat is not just imaginary. Cats are good at striking their prey and their claws can break through the bars of a cage or hit anything that gets away, like a bird’s tail feathers. Even minor injuries can cause a life-threatening infection in your bird. There is also the danger of the cage tipping over or the bird escaping when the cage is open.

Create a safe space for your bird

Your cat and your bird should be separated in different parts of the house when the family is away. However, when your family is home, cats and birds do best where people spend most of their time. Pet birds have social needs and often their isolation in isolated areas can cause stress and reduce their quality of life. Cats also need companionship, and keeping them away from the main living room can be unsettling. When people are watching around the house, it’s best to keep both animals in the area where you and your family spend the most time.

While some of your family members spend time in this room. The bird may be isolated in an enclosed area, such as a bedroom. However, your cat and bird will most likely end up in the same living space. Which will require additional protection in the bird’s habitat. Birdcages should be secured high up. Out of the cat’s reach or attack. And should be placed in an open area away from anywhere the cat might climb. Whenever the bird is removed from the cage.The cat should be placed in a safe place such as a cage or another room. 

You can also make the area around the cage less attractive to the cat. Cats don’t like citrus smells; consider using oil or citrus peel as a harmless deterrent in the area around the enclosure. If your cat likes to stand right under the cage.Cover that part of the floor with aluminum foil or a mat upside down. Pointy side up. Both options will make your cat uncomfortable.

Kitty cat trying to get into tweety’s cage – put it in the bar

The best thing to do is to lift the cage. For example, you can use a round table with less space on all four sides so that the cage is the only thing that can be placed on the table. This will prevent the cat from jumping on the table and finding enough space to move freely. Which means that it will not be able to climb on the bird in the end. If the cat can only watch the bird from below and cannot jump. You can be sure that the cat will not jump on the table and open the cage with its claws.

Also, if you’re going to place the cage on a table which also helps scare other pets.Make sure it’s at least eye level. About five feet away. Second, you need to make sure there is enough room in the cage for the bird to breathe. If the cat is somehow able to get around the cage. The bird should have enough space to move around the cage and escape. Birds are very intuitive and intelligent creatures, so as soon as they notice a threat, they start going wild.

Birds should never feel vulnerable or threatened in a cage. Make sure the bird has enough space to move freely so that curious claws cannot enter the cage. It should be understood that cats are excellent climbers and often sharpen their senses by stalking their prey. These steps will Stop kitty cat trying to get into tweety’s cage. Therefore, keeping the cage out of his reach is not enough.

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