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Why cat chews on nothing- explained

So today we’re going to talk about cat chews on nothing and why this happening. So before we going to talk about that we need talk about somethings so lets start. Most cats exhibit some strange habits on daily basis. They’re  unpredictable behavior confuses most cat owners. Mostly they do this to convey their feelings. When your cat start to struggles with uncomfort or pain in their body. They will probably start to do some unusual activities. That might seem odd to you but thats how cats behave. They may get more aggressive when you pet them while they are in pain. Also they will stop eating, grind their teeth continuously or produce strange noises. Most cats will start to chew on nothing.

Most Cats have unique language to convince their moods. Like their  happiness, irritation or discomfort and also their anger. So little attention to your cat. Is all it takes to understand why they act like this. so lets look what are the possibilities. Or all of the reasons to why your cat is chewing on nothing.If the chewing started after getting a new pet to the house and you’ve ruled out fleas then you might also consider adding a baby gate to ‘wall off’ a room for your cat to go to while they get used to the new animal. I know this sounds a little flippant, but if he was asleep, woke up and did it, perhaps he’s just been dreaming of food. I’ve seen my cats sort of smack their lips when they’re dreaming. So don’t afraid about that

Cat chews on nothing – Air chewing explained

So what is air chewing  lets see simply. Air chewing is times that your cat looks like he’s biting or nipping at the space in front of them. Or you can tell they are trying to eat air. They will do this even when the space is empty. It is mostly combined with biting at the paws or their hands. But this might caused by few reasons. First reason is that the cat might be overweight. Because of that he might unable to groom himself. Reason might be  is fleas i explained about fleas in a recent article. Third reason that im going to explain. Is Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, which is include some symptoms like excessive grooming, air biting, tail chasing. And in some extreme cases, it may include seizures. Mostly it is simply feline cases or fleas that causes them to scratch like this or to bite the air. 

So check the weight of your cat much times as you can. And if cat is overweight then your vet can help you to make a  good diet plan for your cat. And they can treat any skin irritation that your cat have. Better idea would be to show a vet the video of your cat air chewing. Does your vet know how long this has been going on for? Did she recommend any further investigations, perhaps under sedation? we’re not sure how good a look any vet can realistically get in a cat’s mouth while the animal is awake, I’ve never had a cat that was in any way inclined to have its mouth examined.I know vet care can be expensive, but our pets are our responsibility and if they are unwell or uncomfortable they rely on us to help them.

Cat chews on nothing – Broken tooth will cause this

So  another reason for this is a broken tooth. A cat might well have a broken or an infected tooth in their mouth. Broken tooth might cause the air to chew. Cats will not allow you to check their teeth. when we try to take a look at their teeth they will get aggressive. So this is something that is very easy to miss. If you suspect that your cat is having dental issues because of a broken tooth. A visit to the vet can swiftly rule this out. Watch for chewing motions of your cats or tooth grinding tooth grinding. Some of the extreme cases are for your cat eating food carefully or showing no appetite. These are all evidence that your cat is dealing with a broken tooth

Does hunger cause air chewing?

So cats communicate in a few different ways and some cats have even been known to mimic chewing noises. when they are trying to tell you that they might like a treat or when they need food.  It is mostly that your cat is trying to tell you that they are hungry. All depends on your understanding of your cat. Your cat looks healthy but they still air-chew. That’s more of a normal thing than a habit, then try these things like giving them treats or playing. It might just be that your cat is asking for love or a treat. Cat chews on nothing Explained.

So today we talked about cat chew on nothing. I think that you got the idea. So see you soon with another article.

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