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Why puppy won’t stay still – simply explained

So now we going to walk about why puppy won’t stay still I’m going to explain this simply. This is a most ask question in puppy owners. And also from dog owners too there can be few things for this. It might be your dog are too energetic and it trying relief it energy. That’s something that we don’t want to worry about. There some things that we should know before we adopt a dog or puppy. Their habits how they going to spend their daily life and main thing is their health. By understanding these things we can get to know what going with your dog. It’s simple to understand a dog habits but it will get more confuse when it comes to health. So if you think that your dog some health issues. Taking your dog into vet is the first thing you must do.

Let’s see why your dog might don’t want to stay still. There can be so many reasons why this will happen. Mainly your dog must be indicating some pains on them so they don’t want to stay still. Health issues are the most common thing on this case. But it also can be anxiety that causing this to happen. Dogs some time build special bonds with their owners when they leave or stay away for few days. Dogs will get restless this can cause anxiety for dogs and they will try to move all the time. So if this is not the problem if the actual thing is your puppy has too much energy. You can do few things to keep your dog stay still. You can train your puppy to stay still by using hand signs. If you train your puppy on early age he will learn fast.

Why puppy won’t stay still-How train your puppy

Now we going to talk about how you can train your dog to stay still. Your dog might try to play all time they will don’t what you saying. They always want to move round always surprised. Puppies have so much energy that they can’t even relief they’re all energy in one day. Sometimes being always active is kind of annoying. Because we also have so much work to do we can’t watch over our dogs every single time. Some puppies start to behave when they get older but some carries the habits all the way. Sometimes too much energetic is fine but mostly it’s not. Because dogs also have to behave otherwise they can get into troubles. So training dogs is actually something we should do. That’s the easiest way to make your dog behave in the right way. You should start this when it still a puppy.

First thing is that you need to do is that understanding your puppy. For start this process you and your dog need to have good understanding. When you understand your dog better easy to train them. You need to observe your dog well then you need find your dog’s bad habits. And the other thing is you need to find how to get your dog to listen to you. Observe him find something he’s like. For example like give a treat to him and look will he get calm. Most dogs get calm when it comes to treat so treats will work every time. Then you need to give him treats and teach your command like stay. Keep your hand like stop position and tell stay few time then make him sit then give him a treat. do this few more times and your dog will get trained.

More reasons why dogs want stay still


From other things that will keep your dog moving every time is pain. This is the one of common things that will happen to dogs. The thing is dogs will do everything to hide their pain from others. Because he wants survive, its instinct that dogs have they don’t Shaw their weaknesses. Reason is predators can get them if they’re weak. So dogs will always keep on move when they are in pain. This the one of the reasons that dogs will keep moving. So if your dog doesn’t show physical pain you need watch did their behaviors got changed. If they growl at you or stop eating that means your dog on pain. Take your dog immediately to the wet if they show these behaviors.


Other main reason that dogs will behave like this is fleas. Its normal but when your dog have fleas you need take good care of him. Fleas can be the worst annoying thing that dogs can get. If your dog have bad case of fleas your dog will start to move continuously. Because when your dog have fleas it can get so much itchy to your dog.  Fleas will cause constant irritation on dogs that will not let your dog’s stay still. So if your dog have fleas take him to a vet as well fleas can cause crucial damage to your dogs.


There are so much things that can cause this behavior on your dog. But this is the last thing that I’m going to explain and it’s about worms. Warms and fleas will cause the same thing on dogs they both will keep dogs restless every day. Worms cause discomfort, itching and also pain on your dog. It’s worse than fleas but still keep your dog restless as them do. Warms can be treated easily and doing that correctly on correct time periods. Will keep your dog happily so every time you can observe your dog look do he got warms. Use veterinarian support every time you can.

So today we talked about why puppy won’t stay still. So I gave you the things that you should know. Do own research to get veterinarian support every time you can. Keep your doggies safe see you soon bye.

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