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Why bunny attacks dog top reasons

So we going to talk about why bunny attacks dog. This is most asked question from like farm sides. Why my dogs get attack by bunnies. These kind of questions are most asked because this cause confusion between people. Because dog have most advantage but why bunnies attack them. Dogs are more predators than bunnies. Bunnies are just cute animals that hope around and eat grass. Why they become more aggressive over dogs. In some cases dogs chase rabbits but most cases that reported that bunnies attacks dogs. First you want to know the difference between bunny and rabbit. Most people think that bunny means little rabbits. No bunny can prefer to fully grown rabbits so we talking about fully grown rabbits. There some theories that why bunnies attacks dogs. We can dig deep into it and see why they are doing this so let’s see the reasons.

Why bunny attacks dog top reasons- explained simply

So there few reasons that explained by wild life experts some of them might be useful for our question. They have explained why household and wild rabbits are attack dogs. There some clear explanations for what we are looking for. There some more explanations why house hold rabbits attack house hold dogs. Those are not some serious matters but on these attacks both sides can get injured. So we must understand why will this happens every time. According to the wild life experts mostly this will happen around household dogs. They most household dogs can’t recognize wild animals. So they might get closer and check what they are. This might cause confusion on both sides that wild animals can sense threats and fear on other animals. So they know what a threat is and what is not. But your house hold dog doesn’t know are they threat or not.

Reasons why bunny attacks dog

So let’s first see why house hold dogs get attacked by rabbits. First thing is if you have a house hold dog and a pet rabbit. Rabbit will attack your dog when he first sees him. This happens when the rabbits first time see your dog and dogs are bigger than them. So rabbits get scared but they are household rabbits and they know they know they’re safe in house. That makes them lose some of their fear. That’s why household rabbits doesn’t try to run when dog or cat nearby. But on the other hand your household dog doesn’t know anything about the rabbit. He will scared of the rabbit and slowly try to sniff and recognize what is the fluffy ball. And the rabbit will understand that dog is scared of him and he is threat. That will signal the rabbit to fight against the dog.

We talked about the first reason about why household rabbits will attack household dogs. Now let’s see why wild rabbits attack household dogs. So you might be someone that recently moved into place with more nature around you. You might use to wild life but your dog not used to it. He’s a town boy that used to car noises and town stuff. All wild life and new nature will be new to him. You might notice that your dog is scared of everything even go to outside. It’s all is a new adventure to your dog and also for the wild life. If your dog get into an area that rabbits live he will get closer and look what is it. But the rabbits lived in the wild they will notice your dog as a threat to their tertiary. Then the rabbits will defensive and attack your dog.

How to avoid this and keep my dog and rabbits peacefully

There are few things that you can do for the first one let’s see about household rabbits. Your household rabbit attack your dog do these things. First thing that you need to do is be around them when they are close together. Pet them both when they are close and keep your rabbit on your hands. And show your dog that he’s friendly. Another thing that you can do take them into the backyard and play with them. The most successful thing that you can do is feeding them together. Give your dog and rabbit food in the same area but not closer to them. Keep reduce the range every time you feed them until their bowls can get closer. This can make them feel they are not enemies and they are friends. Be around when you do this every time. Because we can’t tell what will dog do.

What you need to do if your dog attacked by wild rabbit. So this is something that you need think about more. Because if this keep happen every day your dog will get scared to leave the house. First thing that you need to do when your dog get attacked by a wild rabbit. Look your dog have wounds if he have wounds take him to a vet immediately. Because wild rabbits have rabies. Second thing that you need to do is help your dog to mark his territory. Be with your dog when he’s outside let him mark his territory. Another thing that you can do take him to walks if he barks at a rabbit help him to scare it aware. Or you can train your dog to become a hunting dog.

So today we talked about why bunny attacks dog. See you soon with a new article.

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