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Top 8 Pet cat breeds in India simply explained

So today we going to talk about pet cat breeds in India. This is a top ask question on the internet. Most people love to have cats but they don’t know about breeds and where them from. So let me educate you about the top cat breeds that comes from India. As all other countries India also breed cats. Most of them are on top breed level cats. And most sold cats around the world they also on the cat breeding game. There so many top rated cat breeds in India. Some of the cat breeds that you loved might be from India. When it comes to cat breeding India also on a top certified level. That there cats also at the same level as the other countries cats. So will introduce you to the top 8 cat breeds that comes from India now. So let’s start digging.

Pet cat breeds in India top 8 breeds that you can get

So I will first talk about the main 8 cat breeds from India. And those are the cats you can get as a pet. None of these are exotic pets these are normal cat breeds. And these are the most sold from India and all around the world. I will explain one by one for you. Indian breeding companies make so much because their breeds are so good. And they do it in the correct way. So let’s see some cat breeds.

Pet cat breeds in India-Himalayan cat

So this is the first breed that I’m going to introduce you. Most people call them Himalayan cat. But in the western countries they are popular as colourponit Persian cat. They are the most common cat breed from all 8 others. They are so fluffy and so cute they are so eye catching. Have fluffy hair and round beautiful blue eyes. Generally they are white but also you can find them with colors like brown and cream. Now if you see a fluffy white ball with blue eyes that might be Himalayan cat. They are loyal cat that will always love you and always they will try to play.

Pet cat breeds in India-Mumbai cat

So now we moving into the second cat breed as the second breed I choose Mumbai cats. Mumbai cats are Asian cat breed with their ancestor’s genetics. Their ancestors are black cat species. You can recognize them easily because their eyes. They have golden enchanting eyes that so cute. And their black body perfectly matches with their eyes. That unique body and eyes make them so special. The two varieties that you can find is British Mumbai cat and American Bombay cat. They are so lovely towards human. And they love so much to learn tricks they can be easily get used to any environment.

Siamese cat

For the third cat breed we going to talk about Siamese cats. These guys also one of the common breed type cats. Mostly common on south Asian countries these guys origin is Shanghai. They were first breed on there but these guys somehow managed to visit India I don’t know how. So don’t think about that they might invade India and didn’t know how to go back. Think like that happen and that’s how they got to India. They are medium size cats with slender legs, oval paws and triangular hind legs. They are so athletic and they comes with brown and cream body.

Maine coon cat in india

Now we are on the forth breed now we going to talk about one of the famous cat breeds. That is Maine coon the oldest cat breed on the earth. That’s right they hold that badge on their chest. And another badge that they hold is most suitable breed adopt.  These guys are quite adaptive to the nature. And they comes with non-fussy behaviors. These guys are well behaved and have a friendly attitude. Good cats aren’t they just like dogs.  They have large round eyes and large body and paws. So let’s move to the fifth breed.


As the fifth breed lets Persian cat breed. Persian cat breeds are considered as Hollywood movie stars. They are the cat breed stared in so many Hollywood movies. Because there eye catching look. Let’s see how they look like how you can recognize them. They have white long hair with twinkling eyes. These breed is more popular in France and US. But also these guys breed is now popular on Japan, Korea and China. And also on India too that why they started breeding Persian cats. These guy kind of fussy but not too much. They need owner’s attention so much and need groom correctly.They kind of look dumb. 

The American Bobtail

The next cat breed is American bobtail these guys are special. These guys have the cutest tail from all other cat breeds. You can see that on their name the American Bobtail. These cats are easy to recognize because of their bobtail. The length of the tail is one third from their whole body. Their body type is sturdy and they come with a shiny coats of long long hair. These guys are so fluffy and their eyes can be any color even they can come with rare colors. And they are so playful they will always try to play with you.

Spotted cat

This is the last cutest cat breed that I love most. So you’re true animal lover this the cat for you. They have gray spots all over their body and their tale is darker that their body. Their sturdy and they can easily get comfortable in any climate condition. These guys are so friendly and they will always love you. They will try to stay by your side every time they can. The thing is don’t need to buy them you can walk in to an animal shelter. And you can get any number of cats from this breed. So please do a good deed by giving one of them a house. They are so lovely because I already have 3 cats that adopted from streets. Be a part of a good deed.

If you’re looking to get any type of these cats from this list first look at shelters. There will be someone that looking for home. So try to adopt any time you can and thanks for your time. We talked about Top 8 Pet cat breeds in India. So see you next time with a new article.

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