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Why does my cat breathe heavily

Why does my cat breathe heavily? We are here to discuss this question. If you have a pet cat, this space will be a good chance to be aware about your cat. Difficult breathing sometimes will be a common situation and sometimes it will be abnormal situation among the cats. As well as it is always found near the top of lists of health emergencies in cats. But you should have some knowledge about this situation if you are a cat owner. So, in this article we are trying to discuss more details around this.

Why does my cat breathe heavily? What is this?

In the above we noted that, sometimes breath heavily of cat is an emergency cat. So, why we said that? It will have there been two reasons. Among them first one is, most of the causes of heavy breathing of cats are quite serious according to their health status. Another one is, they can hide the fact that they are sick or injured. But in those times this heavy breathing becomes noticeable. This is the reason for they are often nearing a crisis.

What is the reason for heavy breathing of cat?

Respiratory infections

This is a reason for that situation. It can make difficult for cat to breathe normally and sometimes it can result in heavy breathing or panting also. This situation will become as a viral infection and after that it develops into secondary bacterial infections. These may be needed to treat, and you should pay more attention well.


Why does my cat breathe heavily? Asthma is another reason. In that case we can see panting, wheezing, coughing and increase respiratory from cats. These are the common facts of this disease. Sometimes you cannot remove this. But you should have some knowledge to manage this carefully. When you fail it, your cat will face more dangerous times.

Hydrothorax and congestive heart failure

This is also another reason for heavy breathing of cat. As well as we must note here this is a serious health concern in cats. It will be a reason for death of cat even. We can see there are symptoms such as rapid breathing, panting, and coughing. But keep in mind this has medical treatments such as dilate blood vessels, get rid of excess fluid, and make heart contractions stronger.


While considering the reason for heavy breathing of cats we can see heartworm. This situation sometimes will become a serious thing. In that case you should supply oxygen therapy for cats. Other treatments for that will include supportive care with corticosteroids to reduce inflammations. However, you should keep in mind, heartworm may be a dangerous thing and it is important to care your cat on a monthly heartworm preventive medication.

These are the main reason for heavy breathing of your pet cat. In addition of these things we can see there are some reasons also. What are they? Anemia, neurologic disorders, trauma and abdominal enlargement or pain. When your cat has this disease, they will have some risks about their life and health status.

What are the types of heavy breathing in cats?

Cat painting

This is a type of heavy breathing of your cat. If you see panting after they played, it will not a normal thing. It is a sign of heavy breathing. As well as, it is happening when they are stressed. And though this may not sound dangerous, you must try to figure out what you can do to decrease this situation. As well as it is particularly important to find out the reasons for their stress.

Why does my cat breathe heavily – Breathing fast

According to the types of heavy breathing we can see also they are berating fast. It will happen when they are not getting enough oxygen or when they are getting rid of enough carbon dioxide even. On the other hand, exercise may also cause a cat to breath rapidly. In that case they require rest and then they quickly return to normal situation. however, when they breathy heavily it will cause to lung disease, conditions affections the upper respiratory tract, heart disease, metabolic conditions, disorders affecting the blood, high body temperature and pain.

Uncovered mouth breathing

This is another type of heavy breath. In that situations it is a sign of they cannot breathe through their nose. As well as it is a reason that they cannot pass air through their nose, or they are really struggling to breath. On the other hand, you can see can with labored breathing. When your cat has respiratory problems, they try to compensate by taking deeper breaths. When they are working hard or playing you can see it.

Is your cat breathing heavily while resting?

Furthermore, according to the question on “Why does my cat breath heavily?” we can mention here cat is breathing heavily while they are resting. In that case you should remember that heavy breathing in cats is normal is after exercise only. But when you see more different situations that after exercising it will be a dangerous situation and you must pay more attention. It will be a reason for some dangerous health problems such as heart failures or sever lung disease.


We are discussing until now the reason for deep and heavy breathing of cat. So, in that case you should keep in mind always it is not a normal thing. As well as finally we think you must have some knowledge about the treatments for those situations.

Why does my cat breathe heavily – What to do when your cat breathing heavily?

Why does my cat breathe heavily? Now you know the reason and signs of heavy breathing of cat. So, we suggest you do not ignore that in cats. When they are not return quickly to normal you must meet your doctor. You should do it immediately and follow doctor’s treatments soon because heavy breathing can be bear collapse. But always you should stay calm in those situations and try to be quick and get them into a carrier and to a nearby veterinarian. 

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