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Why is my cat dry heaving

We are ready to discuss our lovely and cute pet cat on “Why is my cat dry heaving?” First, we expect to keep a note on “what is dry heaving?” This is also named as retching. This is a sound like a cough or a major episode of gagging or stomach contraction of the cat. This will be a simple case of a hairball or tickle in their throat. As well as sometimes it could be a genuine issue such as intestinal blockage or an organ disease.

Further we can say here, it will not a medical problem when your cay is eating too fast and spitting up the food it just ate. So, you can control it while giving it smaller portions more frequently. But in addition of these simple things we can see there are several types of dry heaving that could mean something else. You also sometime may be seeing those changes. You can keep staying with us be aware about these situations.

Why is my cat dry heaving? Reasons

Why is my cat dry heaving? We can give some reasons for that. However further we tell you, do not worry about this situation. but you consider is more important here. When you have a good awareness, you can solve some dangerous situations. So, we will give you the most common reasons why your cat dry heaving?


According to the list of reasons for dry heaving we can see nausea in the top place. Usually, cat can feel nauseous once a while like human. What is the reason for that? It may be occurred when eating too much, acid in the stomach or may even be from eating spoiled food. Sometimes this situation may be dangerous, and you have a responsibility to control it from your cat. As well as on the other hand we can see appetite loss, vomiting and lethargy with this.


This is another one for dry heaving. In those times they will have bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. With vomit you can see yellow or white foam. This will happen when trying to vomit after the stomach is empty. Among the reason for vomiting, we can mention infections from parasites, viruses, bacteria or reactions to a new food or medications. Not only that but also this may be occurred with some of the systemic disease. In those times cats will fall depression, lack of appetite and sleepiness.


Why is my cat dry heaving? Hairball is another reason for that. Usually, cats are getting hairballs once awhile as they are constantly grooming themselves and ingesting hair. But it is not a dangerous thing. Your cat will dry heave a few times before coughing up a big ball of hair. But when you see dry heaven frequently from your cat it is a special thing, and you must pay attention. You just take your cat to see your veterinary care provider.

Foreign body in throat or stomach

Cats are always trying to hunt. In this time, they will eat string, bugs, plastic, and form. But these are the things that they should not be eating. As well as they will put everything to their mouth. Because of that reason those unnecessary things can cause a blockage in the intestinal tract, esophagus, or throat. When it happens, cat is suddenly vomiting, dry heaving, has abdominal pain or swelling, and will not eat or drink even. When you see those, you need to take your cat to a veterinary care immediately.

According to this symptom foreign body in throat or stomach will be a dangerous situation. Actually, this is a cause from foreign items, hairballs, tumors or intestinal twisting even. You should pay more attention in this time than other to take the decisions to prevent it because it will be fatal situation. however, we suggest you always try to check your cat’s health status at least once a day. Then you can decrease the risk without go for dangerous situations.

Is dry heaving coming from kidney disease?

This is another point of view with the question on “Why is my cat dry heaving?” Usually,we can see common place for kidney disease of cats. Because of that reason cat can cause nausea and vomiting with dry heaves. On the other hand, they will suffer more diseases from kidney disease such as increased thirst and urination, lethargy, depression, pale gums, itchiness, and weakness also.

So, what are the reason for kidney disease? It will be cased with obesity, repeated kidney infections, toxic substances, dental disease and urinary track obstruction or infection. Not only that but also it will come with their birth defects also. When they are building up those symptoms will increase. As well as kidney disease will grow with genetic and age-related changes to the kidneys.

What to do if your cat is dry heaving?

According to the above details you can identify the reason for dry heaving. Now it is time to reduce the risk. What can you do? First, we suggest you see a doctor and get the advice. Then he will give the treatments while considering the method of disease. However uncomplicated disease can resolve within a fleeting time. When it has risk you should call your doctor. As well as you should check the gastroenteritis.

Why is my cat dry heaving? Bottom line

We are authoring this article to discuss the most important title of your pet on “Why is my cat dry heaving?” Finally, we think that you can go to meet the doctor to prevent dry heaven. So, what is the cost of dry heaven? Usually, it can run about $75 for and visit medication to treat more difficult hairballs. And it will be about $100for test to determine the cause of nausea or gastroenteritis. But kidney, liver and heart disease treatments are more expensive. It will be from $200 up to$35000 for transplant. Lastly, we think with your attention you can care your pet without any damages.

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