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Top 2 dumb cat breeds and stupid looking breeds

So now we going to talk about dumb cat breeds and stupid looking ones. I’m not telling that cats are dumb they actually not dumb cats are an intelligent species. Some cats are smarter than some dogs. In this article I mean dumb like cats behavior. They do some dome stuff around humans because house hold cats are too energetic. They will find wired ways to relief their energy it might be some dumb way. So that’s what we going to talk about and about some stupid looking cats. You will notice that some cat breeds have a wired look. They are beautiful but still got a wired look on them. And another thing that we must need to talk is why wild cats are smarter than household cats. Their some reasons for that I will explain before we start to talk about the topic so let’s about that.

Dumb cat breeds- Why wild cats are smarter than house hold cats

Finding foods

So about finding wild cats are smarter and they use smart technics for that too. Most wild cats sleep around 20 hours a day. And they only have hours to find food and do their work. Because of that they are very agile and intelligent when finding food. They know what to do and what not to do when they see a prey. On the other hand household cats get everything from owners so they don’t know how to hunt. And another reason is finding water wild cats know what water they can drink or not. They know how to stay hydrated on wild. It takes too much high skills to find food and fresh water on the wild. Domestic cat without outside training will catch preys but not every time. Because they don’t know the technics like wild cats.

Outsmarting other predators and animals

For domesticated cat there are no predators even if they had they are safe inside. They know that if there’s a predator running into house is the thing to do. But for the wild cats there always be predators they have to be careful. Wild cats will get attacked land and also from air. So they have to be strategic when it comes to a situations like that. Wild cats have more sharpen sense than domestic cats they are evolved for the wild. They know how to escape when they see a predator. Or how to hide and stay unseen until the predator pass away. This is one of the main reasons why wild cats are more intelligent than household cats.


So in this cade house hold and wild cats are have the same memory. But the difference is how they use it. Wild cats use memory more than domestic cats because they will mark lot places than others. Wild cats has to remember where the predators was. Where they found food locations that they found water. Places that they relaxed safely like that. On the other hand domestic cats have to remember only where was there house was.

Top dumb cat breeds

Persian cats

So let’s see is Persian cats dumb lets fact check this. Persian cats are considers as beautiful but not smart. They are the least intelligent cat breed from others. You can’t teach something to these guys easily it will be little hard. It will take time they need more time than others to learn something new. They will be more like cat that stay in house not doing too much of things. Little more sleepy than others like that. They will not try to go hunt or to things like these too. These guys are little bit slowly on the walk. But still beautiful.

Exotic shorthair

So now we going to see is exotic shorthair is intelligent or not. These guys are also one of the most popular cat breed on earth. Actually they also considered as one of cat breeds that have less intelligent than others. These guys are relatives for Persian cats so they show kind of the same passion. Also little slow but they care about them self’s more than Persians. They also slow learners but not as Persians. They think that their main priority is to follow their leader. So they will always follow their favorite human.

Top 2 stupid looking cat breeds

Ukrainian levkoy

These outbred cat species had a unique appetence than all other cats. Their face is like a dog with inward folded ears with not wide but nut shaped eyes. To breed these type of cats breeders use Donskoy female and Scottish fold male cat. They have little bit hair on them and slender legs and muscular body. These guys look stupid but still manage to keep the beauty of them.

The lykoi

I’m not saying that these cat look stupid but the breed is. These guys breed with genetics that naturally found in feral cats. But you don’t want to be scared because the breed is very healthy. The genetics give these guys a look like a werewolf. Most people call them werewolf cat because they look like that. They not aggressive they are very calm cat breed and intelligent. They have a full coat hair or partially missing hair. But they grows back in different seasons. These guys are actually look like werewolf’s you need to absolutely check them out.

So today we talked about Top 2 dumb cat breeds and stupid looking breeds. So let’s meet again with a new article soon.

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