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Bengal kitten first day at home – tips and tricks

If we are going to talk about bengal kittens first we must understand what they’re. So before we start talking about Bengal kitten first day at home. Lets see what they are.With they’re beautiful, exotic-looking coats, large ears and green eyes, these guys look like a Bengal tiger. Basically a A much smaller tiger in the cat world. But if you take a closer look and you’ll learn that this attentive, intelligent breed is far more interesting than you might think. The Bengal cats look exotic but  there’s a good reason for that.between the 1800s, the Bengal cat came into life after an Asian leopard cat bred with a domestic cat.  It wasn’t until Jean Sugden Mill perfected the hybrid breed during the 1980s that the Bengal cat truly became domesticated with a temperament to match

There is one common thing among Bengal cats and tigers that they love for water. Don’t be surprised if a domesticated Bengal cat follows you for a dip in the pool or at the the bath. This breed has a  habit that drinking water straight from the tap, swimming and goofing off with water when given the chance. These guys are Super smart and eager to please what they want. Bengal cats are known for keen to quickly learn tricks like a dog. And repeating them continuously what they learned. So try teaching your Bengal to fetch a ball one small enough for a cat. And see what else your Bengal can learn from there on out they’re very smart. The breed has been known to learn basic verbal commands as well.

Things that you should know Bengal kitten first day at home

There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to welcoming a Bengal kitten. You’ll need to be fully prepared before bringing the kitten home and know how to approach their first day and night with you. including what to feed them or what not to feed them.During the first week these are the thing that you should know. It’s best to begin establishing routines like  taking them to the vet and beginning to socialize them with others. And it’s important to know how to introduce your kitten to friends without scaring the kitten. Family, children, and other pets must be introduced slowly. As well as how to handle their first adventures outdoors once they’re vaccinated.

It’s so important to be fully prepared before bringing your bengal kitten home. Make sure you’ve kitten-proof your home. And set up a room with everything they’ll need to make them happy. Like  including a bed, food and water bowls, a litter box, and toys.You will need a cat carrier to carry your kitten in to vet and outside. And make sure that you have some of the food their previous caretaker been feeding to them. It’s also a good idea to find a vet that you trust and make an appointment for your kitten. Do  some check-ups for few days after bringing them home back safely.Things that you need to do on first days

Make Things Recognizable your kitten

This process must start before bringing the kitten home by setting up a room as her sanctuary. Or you can say kittens room. Ahead of the big day  that you brings your little friend home. Speak to the breeder about what food the kitten ate before you got him. And what type of kitty litter that she’s comfortable with. Also make sure that the pick up a blanket is smells like her Mom. because she needs to know that reassurance to snuggle up to.

The Kitty Litter she Likes how to use it

Keep as many constants in her room as possible you can. which includes thea toilet substrate that she recognizes from home. Bear in your mind that she’ll use a new tray in a new location in your home. The least you can do for her to make her confidence to move around. Is giving her something that she recognizes her old home toileting materials.

Final and most important one

The final most important thing that you must do is. You need to be around your kitten on the first few months. Until your kitten’s four months old, kittens shouldn’t be left alone. For long periods of time during the day and also at night. You need to get them used to being alone by leaving them for five or ten minutes. This process must be done in each hour and gradually extend the time. With some of the other breeds it may be beneficial to consider adopting two kittens for companionship. But don’t introduce another kitten to a Bengal kitten in first few weeks. They can get easily scared because their mother is not around them. Introduce them to other kittens easily and take some time until their confidence builds up.

So today we talked about Bengal kitten first day at home.  Think you understand what i’m trying to say. So see you soon with another article bye for now.

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