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Why does my cat smell my eyes – Top reasons

So today we are talking about why does my cat smell my eyes. This going to be the main topic for today’s article. Basically cats have weird habits with them this might also be one of them. So if you not a cat owner you might not familiar with this case. But this actually something that cats do sniffing your eyes. So cats have some weird unusual habits when they are showing love to their owners. They use unique ways to express their love and affection to others. Cats are the only animal that use that ways show there love and affection to us. For most people those are weird habits from cats but if you observe them you might understand the meanings of those habits. If you are a new cat owner these habits will confuse you. You might think that your cat have an issue or something.

Why does my cat smell my eyes – explained

So for the question why does my cat smell my eyes? We going to see some answers. You might know that cats are borne with great sense of smell. And also you might know they always sniff everything that they see. If you give them a new toy they will sniff it first or a stranger comes to home they will sniff him. It almost like they are sniffing things to understand what they are. Also cats are very protective over their owners. They consider you also as one of them that’s why they do get protective. So the cats will sniff the owner as well. Mainly to recognize you and to look are you have scent of another cat or a dog as well. Basically if you leave them for long time they will sniff you for more time to recognize where you have been.

So if you have scent of another animal cats will get jealous over you. That’s mainly a cats territorial instinct it’s all natural. You might also notice that when you have the smell of another pet your cat will start meowing. And also they will give you a look that like they are disappointed on you. This is why cats are considered as one of the intelligent species. So another thing is cats not stop after they sniff your clothes. Clothes are starting point of sniffing. So I said that they have strong sense of smelling things. So they will sniff your toes even they will sniff your mouth I don’t know the reason for that. Mainly they will sniff your eyes and your ears. Smelling ears are more like a friendship thing like they are recognizing you as a friend. So let’s see about the main topic.

Cat smelling ears explained.

So this was actually a mystery why cats sniff our eyes. But we actually observe them we can get an idea about that. So you might notice that cat parents take their little babies closer and start to sniff. They basically start to sniff with their ears and mainly sniff the baby’s eyes. They do this when the kittens are awake and also when the kittens are sleeping as well. This more like a take caring habit to the cats. So why they sniff humans eyes, Do they think that we also are kittens. So for this question there can be few answers actually. The main reason is Love and affection and also for recognition as well. Cats recognize you by the unique smell of yours. When they recognize you by the smell they will get calmed and relaxed around you. So let’s see the reasons for this as well.

Why does my cat smell my eyes – Reasons

Recognizing you

So I said this earlier as well cat sniff you for recognize you. Cats main evidence to recognize .

You is the scent of yours. Cats use their sense of smell to familiarize themselves with the environment and people. The easiest way for your cat to recognize its owner is by smell. Your cat will sniff your eye for a familiar scent to make sure it’s really you. If the owner does not stay at home too often, the cat will often sniff the owner to get to know him. The scent is also associated with love and affection.


So this is another main thing with cats this behavior. Basically cats have strong feelings about infections. Cat’s instincts get more sharp when it comes to concerns of health issues. Cats can detect any unusual health behaves by sniffing. So if they have concern about health of their owners cats will start to sniff you. Even they will start to lick place that the health issue caused. SO basically cats will start to sniff you to see is everything are ok about you. They are looking do you have any infections or any wounds on you.

You’ve often heard or watched videos on social media of a cat comforting its owner and licking his face after crying. So another reason your cat is sniffing your eyes could be because of the salty smell of tears. Cats are attracted to strong smells and if they see you sad or crying they may cover their face to sniff your eyes. And the strong smell of the salt in your eyes will attract your cat. Also cats can feel emotional feelings as well. Cats will also start to react to your emotional feeling. So these are the main reasons for the topic.

So we talked about why does my cat smell my eyes as the main topic. And I’m going to end the article right here. So see you soon with a new article. Bye for now

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