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Why mother cat biting her kittens – explained

So today we are talking about Why mother cat biting her kittens. We are ging to look at this very explained way. So your cat can bite and kick its kittens for a number of reasons. Some of the more common reasons are a strict discipline, showing who is in charge, establishing territory, or participating in their training process. In most cases, the mother cat can appear well-intentioned but aggressive.

So now you know. But is it normal for a mother cat to hit her kitten? Do cat mothers remember when their kittens are gone? Is there any reason for the cat queen to be so aggressive towards them?

Why mother cat biting her kittens – explanation

A cat can bite its puppies for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that he uses his teeth to move kittens around. It is a known fact that they grab the kitten by the teeth and neck to move it from point A to point B. However, there may be other occasions when you discipline them but are very rude.

Small kittens often cry when they wake up, so it can be difficult to tell if cats are in pain or sharp. This is especially true when they are very small kittens and much depends on their mother.

Why mother cat biting her kittens – Is it normal for a mother cat to hit her kittens?

A cat can attack its pups for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is their age and the hope that they will become independent. In other words, when they reach a certain age, cats are usually angry at kittens and expect them to take care of themselves.

To us humans, this may seem like a weird thing (is it weird to fail? Click here) or a healing behavior, and by our standards it is. In the world of cats, however, they are seen differently. So, if you’ve seen this, do not be surprised now, as you have no idea why this is happening.

Why mother cat biting her kittens – Training

Part of being a good mother is preparing your children to go out into the world and take care of themselves. For mother cats, this means teaching their kittens hunting skills.

Although they are domestic cats, the mother instinctively teaches them to hunt and protects them from other cats and predators.

Biting is part of these exercises. She has to show how to bite. It’s part of the sport, it’s essentially training. It is important for kittens to know not only how to bite while hunting, but also how to play with each other with a gentle bite.


Punishment of children is not limited to humans. Your cat needs to be taught many things, including good cat behavior. When they cross the line, she punishes them. Biting is one of the ways a cat mother disciplines her kittens.

If so, you will see that this happens after some activity or activity of the kitten. Are they trying to feed you even though she says no? Do they play too much with her or with each other?

Discipline is used to correct unwanted behavior. When she bites the kitten, he learns that such behavior leads to unwanted consequences. He must quickly learn not to engage in these behaviors because he does not like the bites that come with it.

Why mother cat biting her kittens-More explained

The mother cat has four legs instead of two. When children take it, it is done by word of mouth. Cats have extra fur on the back of their head, which the mother mainly uses as a carrying handle. He bites his neck and grabs the kitten and then puts it where he thinks.


For cats, grooming is more than just grooming. They will also bite or nail. It removes dead skin cells, impurities and debris. The tongue can reach the top of the skin but is more difficult to reach. Therefore, they use it as part of the process of biting their teeth. It also allows them to destroy pests such as fleas.

Mothers are reluctant to take care of their kittens so they will bite while caring for them. They should feel like a very light tingling, usually several times in a row. If he bites the kittens, this is also a sign that he is beautifying them.

Why is my cat so aggressive towards her kittens?

If a cat feels threatened, a cat can become aggressive towards its kittens. When this happens, she can leave them to save herself. An example of this is a large inexplicable sound that frightens another animal or cat that threatens you.

Sure, there may be other reasons, but this is just one example of how this can happen. So if this happens, do you have any idea why this can happen? In the next section, I will explain how to prevent your cat from being bitten by a kitten.

How to Avoid it Use of body language for stop it

If he keeps biting you, he can bite your kitten. Therefore, when this happens, you should leave to explain that this is not allowed. You may also want to make some noise to emphasize your objections. This makes your embroidery more efficient.

Also, reward your cat for behaving the way you want it to, not biting or behaving calmly and well. It could be as simple as entertaining her cats or one of her other favorite options.

While this may seem counterintuitive, it is known that cats respond better to positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. Thus, it is a fast way to get the desired result.

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